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Attention, please! I am attempting to have another contest! My first one I did did not go so well, Only one person entered! So I am kindly asking if more than one person could enter this time! It would mean so much to me! ok, so here is the contest:

 I have started to write a story tittled: Amelie Redstone. but I could not come up with an ending so I decided that I would have a contest to see who comes up with the best ending! The race is on! below is the story that I started to write, all you have to do is finish it!


Amelia Redstone

Amelia Redstone was the most popular girl in her small school in Hamilton, Pennsylvania. Amelia was very beautiful with gorgeous black wavy hair, and very unusual honey colored eyes. All the other girls in the school were jealous of Amelia’s good looks. Amelia’s father was the only banker in the little town of Hamilton, and had made his fortune fast and easily. The Redstone’s were probably the most known family in the town. Amelia had grown snobby, selfish, and unloving towards people and was not known for good character. But still many of the girls strived to be like Amelia in their day to day life. Amelia was not an extremely intelligent girl, but she was very talented in art. And desired to be a successful artist when she grew up!

   The Civil war changed many people’s lives, and Amelia Redstone’s life would be changed forever!  Amelia will soon understand the true value of character, kindness, and true beauty. And this is her story.
“NO!” shouted Amelia, “You are not leaving me! You can’t do that to me, you might get killed! All for what? This is a dumb war, who cares about the slaves? Why would you go to war just to try to free them?” 
  Amelia was sitting in the back yard with her older brother Thomas who had just informed her that he was going off to war in three days.
“Amelia, I am fighting for my family and for my state! I think it is horrible that we have to go to war over slavery, but slavery is wrong. All men were created equal!” replied Thomas.
“Well I hate the slaves!” said Amelia, “if they are the ones making you go away!”
“AMELIA!” yelled Thomas, “it is not the slaves’ fault we are in a war!”
“Hump,” snorted Amelia.
  Amelia glared at her brother and tears came to her eyes. Her brother was her best friend, the only one who had always loved and cared for her! He could not leave, he just couldn’t!
  Three days later Thomas headed off for the war. Amelia stood at the train stop and watched her brother take off in his brand new war uniform waving from the window.
“Don’t leave me,” Amelia whispered quietly, “don’t leave me! But in a few moments her brother was out of sight.
He had gone to war!
 Amelia lay in her bead that night and cried into her pillow. How could this have happened? Her brother was gone and it was all the black slaves fault! Andria swore to get back at the people who she blamed for taking her brother away.
A few Months later….
   Ring! Ding! Ding!
The doorbell rang.
“I will get it!” hollered Amelia as she flew down the stairs to the front door.
Maybe it is a letter from Thomas! Andria thought wishfully.
When Amelia opened the door, she saw a man in uniform standing at the door.
Amalia's heart sunk, she was disappointed that it was not the mailman.
“What is it?” asked Amelia in a haughty tone.
“I have a letter for you.” The man said sadly, “are your parents here?”
“No,” said Amelia lying, she knew her parents were upstairs in their room.
“Just give it to me.” Said Amelia
“Yes ma'am,” said the man and handed the letter to Amelia. “Please do not open it until your parents get here!” he said with sad eyes, and then he walked off.
Amelia closed the door, and ripped the letter open.
It read:

            Mr. and Mrs. Redstone,
                                          We are very sorry to inform you that your son- Thomas E. Redstone was captured by an enemy base, where he is being held as prisoner. He risked his life to safe a fellow comrade. We are sorry to inform you that a rescue was attempted but to no avail. I am afraid to tell you that there is no way to free him from this prison so we will entitle your son- Missing in Action until further investigation. It is more than likely that he will not survive his imprisonment.

                              With much regard for your family,
                                                                      Department of defense
Amelia sat silent and still for a few moments anger boiled up inside of her.
“This cannot be true!” she screamed, “NO!”
Amelia crumbled into a ball on the floor and started crying.
Amelia’s parents came running down the stairs.
“What’s wrong darling?” asked her father.
“… he…”
Mrs. Redstone gasped in panic and quickly reached for the letter. Her eyes skimmed the paper quickly and then she collapsed in a chair and stared in disbelief.
“Oh, God please keep him alive!”  

here are the rules:

 the story ending must be entered by: November 30, 2012

to submit your story please send me a link to your blog post or send me an e-mail! 

the winner will receive this award:

And I will have their story posted on my blog:)

Brittney Johnson is just your average (and crazy) teenage girl serving an extraordinary God. She loves reading amazing books, writing stories, and dreaming about someday publishing a book. She loves to blog and would be so glad if you read her posts, comment, and maybe even follow


  1. Dear Brittney
    Sounds Fun I'll see what I can do :D
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  2. :) Hope you enjoy, Britt!! Also, I left a comment on your other blog... ;D

  3. I am so entering! Just saw the post and it looks so fun. Very good story base, too! :P
    Crazy as it sounds, I am writing a civil-war-theme novel, too. :P

  4. Hmmm, I'll have to see what I can do! =D

  5. I'm a bad writer, but I'll see what I can do!


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