Friday, December 7, 2012

Christmas Fun!

Today me and my family decorated Christmas cookies, and had a unexpected frosting war after : D Here are some pictures of our Christmas tree, us decorating cookies, and of course our frosting war!

Here is a picture of our Christmas tree

Me, my mom, and Nathaniel baking cookies

Decorating time!

My little bud!

Our finished work!

I made this one:)
And now... the pictures you have been waiting for... the Frosting fight. OK, so I have to admit I was the one who started the fight... and believe me when I say I got total pay back from my mom... just wait till you see how bad I got smeared!

so first I got my dad...
but then I made a mistake!...

I got my mom, and lets say she was not very happy...

Nathaniel some how got himself involved but...
my mom chased me through the whole house intill she finally got me...
and here is the end result...

yep, that is the result! I probably shouldn't have started the fight, huh?

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