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The winner is...

Thank you everybody who entered the story contest! I showed my mom the entries and she decided on the winner. DRUM ROLL... the winner is..... Storyteller! If you would like to read the whole story click here! Now here is storyteller's part of the story I started " Amelia Redstone"

Andria couldn't believe that this was happening. Her brother couldn't be missing. And then the thought struck her--I must get him back. She glanced up towards her parents room. She could hear them softly talking. And that's when she made her decision.

That night...

Andria eyes flipped open at the sound of the grandfather clock in the hallway striking twelve. She threw off her covers, revealing that she was wearing baggy boy's clothes to conceal that she was a girl. She quickly grabbed an old cap of her brother's and tucked her hair into it. She glanced at her reflection in the mirror. She was still too pretty, but it'd have to do.
    She quickly got a survival pack together, grabbing food from the kitchen and boy's clothes from her brother's room, and then set about leaving a note for her parents. With that behind her, she went out the door.
    I'm going to find my brother if it's the last thing I do, she thought to herself as she closed the door. If it's the last thing I do.

A month later...

"Get down!" somebody jumped on her just as an explosion hit right where she'd been standing a few moments before. They rolled and hit the side of the dirt wall.
     Andria pushed herself off the person and quickly pushed her wavy black hair underneath the cap. The boy looked up at her angrily.
    "What on earth were you doing?!" he cried. "Trying to get yourself killed!?" He looked at me. "Uh.... you're a girl, aren't you?"
     "How dare you..." Andria started to say.
      He laughed. "Your voice reveals everything." He frowned, his tone suddenly harsh. "What on earth are you doing here?! There's a war going on! How did you even get here!?"
      Andria put her nose in the air. "I snuck into your camp earlier this morning! I need to get into that fortress!" she pointed to the fort just a little off in the distance, cannons booming.
      "Why?" glared the boy.
      "My brother's stuck in there!" she cried in exasperation.
        Just then, there was silence. The boy's eyes grew big, and he quickly pulled Andria farther along the ditch.
      "What's going on?!" she demanded.
      "We just lost the fight," he hissed. "Be quiet!"
       After a few moments of investigation, he came back and reported that all of the soldiers on the Northern side were being towed off to the enemy fortress. Just like Thomas, though Andria bitterly.
      "I've got to get inside," pressed Andria.
       He paused. "OK. There might be away."
       He explained his plan to her. There was a cart coming full of dead bodies. Andria would have to climb in and pretend to be dead, too. When she got inside of the fortress, she'd have to go and rescue everybody and get out of there.
     It sounded easy enough.
     Until she landed among the dead bodies and nearly threw up on them. As it was, she gagged. She managed to hold her breathe and bear it.
     Andria heard the cart rumble into the fortress and almost couldn't believe her luck. She was almost there. The cart stopped and she looked around cautiously. Then she quickly got out, ducking into one of the doorways. It led down a hallway and then down some steps, which she took eagerly.
    She went on for what seemed like forever. She finally came to an iron door guarded by an ugly, stinky, sleeping man with a huge stomach. Andria carefully pried the keys from his chubby hands and opened the door. She was faced with a row of cells.
     Andria quickly set to setting everybody free. But when she got to the last cell, she still didn't see Thomas. Instead, there was a young drummer boy around Andria's age in the last cell. She opened the door, regretting that it wasn't meeting Thomas.
     Seeing as he was too sick to stand, Andria supported him, not even reaching for her cap as he knocked it off.
    "Have you seen a boy?" she questioned him as they walked down the cellway. "He was about this tall. His name was Thomas Redstone."
     The boy looked at her with war-haunted eyes. "Tommy?"
      Andria nodded eagerly.
     "I'm sorry to say that he's past on." The boy shuddered. But then he looked up, and his eyes shone with a light that Andria had rarely seen before. "But you'll be glad to know that he died protecting a sinner."
    "What?" Andria was astounded.
    "Tommy was a true Christian," the boy continued, not paying heed to her. "He saved Jack because he knew he wasn't saved. He gave up his life for another."
    Andria couldn't believe his words.

The prisoners launched a battle on their guards and all of them managed to escape, including Andria. Hit by her brother's amazing Christ-like action, she herself was compelled to be a Christian. She married the drummer boy that she rescued from the cell and they had ten children, all who became Christians themselves. She passed away saving her children a fire. Her children all lived. And they knew that she did, too, in eternity forever with Jesus Christ our Lord.

Brittney Johnson is just your average (and crazy) teenage girl serving an extraordinary God. She loves reading amazing books, writing stories, and dreaming about someday publishing a book. She loves to blog and would be so glad if you read her posts, comment, and maybe even follow

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