Monday, March 4, 2013

I have written a book (well sort of)

As many of you all ready know, I LOVE TO WRITE, and that I want to become a writer when I grow up. I have been working on writing this book called " Clair Bridge" for about 6 months, and I am glad to announce that I have finished it! I was going to self publish it, but I decided against it because I didn't think it was quite good enough. So I am now writing a new book called " The forgotten Letter" and it's going pretty good so far, and if I am happy with the end result I will probably publish it:):) But anyway I am finished with Clair Bridge and I have posted it on my other blog- Short Stories from Britt! If you would like to read it please click on the image below:
If you do read it, please tell me how you like it! And also please pray that the new book I am working on will turn out good so I can possibly get it published=)

Brittney Johnson is just your average (and crazy) teenage girl serving an extraordinary God. She loves reading amazing books, writing stories, and dreaming about someday publishing a book. She loves to blog and would be so glad if you read her posts, comment, and maybe even follow


  1. That would be sooooo awesome if you could publish a story, Britt!! :) (haha I'm stuck on editing =P Well, I'm not doing the editing, but still... I really need to get my "editor" to do the Unusuals. =D)

    ~Storyteller :)

    P.S. I. ABSOLUTELY. LOVE. YOUR. HEADER. :) (and neon green!! Go neon!! ;D)

    1. My awesome dad actually took the time to edit my story:):) He is so wonderful! And I AM SO THRILLED YOU LIKE MY HEADER! I was debating on keeping it or not. And yes I love neon green too!

  2. I haven't read it yet, but can't wait to! Even if you don't publish it and put it up for sale, I suggest you use a website where you can just buy copies for yourself or for your grandparents. I didn't put my book for sale, but through using I have sold around 20 copies to friends and family asking for them. And it's pretty cool to have a book on your bookshelf that you wrote yourself!

  3. Lovely story:)! I didn't have time to read the whole thing but I read the first chapter. Very good. You are a talented author!

  4. That's really cool! Hope it keeps going well!

  5. Nice! I am writing a book right now and when I finish it I'll probably be able to get it published through penguin because I write letters to the guy who works there! Can't wait to read your next book!


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