Saturday, March 30, 2013

This week & what I did

I hope you all had an awesome week!! I sure did =) so this weekend my momma and 3 other families had a yard sale at our house, and so far I've gotten 100 dollars! YAY! More money for my mission's trip =D and then today me and my friends went out and held signs in front of our neighborhood, and you won't believe what happened....

I got sunburn =( very,very bad sunburn! AND RIGHT BEFORE EASTER SUNDAY! arggggg! This always has to happen to me!! But even though I got sunburn I've had a totally awesome week! I also got to spend the night with my BFF two nights in a row because her family was also doing the Yard Sale!!! We had a lot of fun:) Well I gtg, what did you all do this week? Hope you have a great Easter Sunday!

Pictures hopefully coming soon from the Yard Sale.

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  1. Oh my word!! No way!! I got a sunburn, too!! =D That's kind of funny, isn't it???????


    Hey! I tagged you in a fashion tag!


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