Monday, April 1, 2013

I got tagged =)


I got tagged by the lovely Leah over at her lovely blog Apassionata! OK, so let's begin:

1) How would you describe your style?
Modest, causal, and cute =)

2) What are your wardrobe staples?
Jean skirts, flip-flops, comfortable t-shirts, and I love scarves. 

3) Most expensive clothing item you own?
Um... not quite sure because most of my clothes come from yard sales or thrift stores, and I never spend a lot of money on clothes. but probably either my pair of boots or my spring dress I just got for Easter.

4) most wanted item?
ohh! Probably a pair of dressy sandals, and a nice long cute, springy skirt.

5) favorite designer?
Um, well I'm not really picky on brands of clothes, but my favorite is probably American Eagle.

6) how much do you spend on clothing?
Not very much, I am usually very cheap and don't buy expensive clothes unless it's on a special occasion!

7) Favorite places to shop?
Cato, J.C.Penny, Kohls, and Beall's outlet  

8) Favorite fragrance?
Um... Bath & Body works Red and also their Enchanted , and also Wonderstruck

9) Favorite way to have your hair?
I usually have it in a pony tail for days when I am at home, but when I go to church I usually wear it down & curly, and for special occasions I usually straighten it and/or put it in a elegant bun!

10)What is your go-to outfit when you have no idea what to wear?

Um, usually a comfortable t-shirt and cute skirt.

11) most prized possession?

As in clothing; definitely a beautiful necklace that my Grandma gave to me a few years ago =)

And now finally the people I award:

Alexandria @ Beautiful in God's Eyes 

Emily @ The Lovely Life 

Abilaine @ Abilaine's Cottage 

Thank you all for reading =)


P.S. Sorry about the crazy font change! Don't know what happened there ;P 


Brittney Johnson is just your average (and crazy) teenage girl serving an extraordinary God. She loves reading amazing books, writing stories, and dreaming about someday publishing a book. She loves to blog and would be so glad if you read her posts, comment, and maybe even follow


  1. Thank you so much for awarding me Brittney!

  2. Thank you so much Brittney! You have a wonderful blog <3 Alex

  3. You guys are so welcome =) And thanks Alex!!

  4. Thanks for awarding me Britt! I will post my answers asap!
    life of a pinc

  5. Really neat. I hate when the font randomly changes like that:) And I saw that you said you also love the tv show Merlin. Yay!!!! Finally, someone else:) But really, who wouldn't love it;)
    Have a great day,

  6. Sounds like you have good style! I like your blog! : )


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