Thursday, May 9, 2013

Blogger break...

yep, that's right I'm taking a blogger break =( I don't really want to but I don't really have a choice! I'm leaving for Guatemala in a few days and these next few days leading up to the trip are going to be SUPER BUSY! Because of packing, etc. So anyway.... I won't be able to post on here until I get back from my trip! I will miss you guys ;-( Don't forget me (LOL, JK, JK) Also please PRAY for my trip!!! We could really use a lot of prayer. 
So that's all for now! I promise to shower you with tons of pictures from our trip when I get back =D I am just so excited!!!!!!

Ahhhhh.... I love to travel! This is such a great pic to me =) Do any of you all like to travel? Have any of you been out of the country?

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  1. Wow! I am so excited for you!! I have never been out of the U.S.A before, but in a couple months I will be going to Germany with some family members. We are going to help some missionaries build a new building. I am so excited so I understand how you feel! Can't wait to see all the great pics you take! Have a great trip!

  2. Super excited with you!!! Enjoy it loads!!

    Follow me when you get back? (If you like my blog...)


  3. Yippee! Have sooo much fun Britt! I love traveling too. :) Although I haven't really been anywhere, but I have been to Canada hundreds of times....:) Not really like on the other side of the world though.
    Have a AWESOME TRIP! take tons of pictures!

    xoxo mellie

  4. Travelling is officially epic, have heaps of fun! In your spare time, please check out and follow:
    HG :p

    1. Hey Brittney,
      remember how I wrote the next chapter to ou book could you get your part done see the internet is being persnickety down here and I can never tell when it'll work and when it won't so there are many days where I have nothing I can do on the computer on those days I like to work on blogger stories.
      Just a request :)
      Your Friend


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