Friday, May 24, 2013


Now what you have all been waiting for........ Pictures from my Mission's trip!

  I am so sorry it took me so long to post these! It took a while for me to get all the pictures and I didn't even get even close to as much as I wanted but it will have to do.... Hope you enjoy this little video that I made with all of the pictures; and a few other things!!!


* an overflow of pictures coming your way! prepare for impact!*










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  1. That is so cool!!! And it's encouraging!!!

    By the way what kind of church do you go to??? Example: Baptist, Lutheran, etc.


  2. Glad I could be of encouragement =) and and to answer your question; me & my family are Independent Baptist!! Thanks 4 asking =D what kind of church r u from?

    1. I go to an Independent Baptist too! That's so cool!


  3. It is so wonderful that you got to go on a missions trip! There are many in need of the gospel. May Yahweh bless your family.
    We have some friends that adopted two little boys from Guatemala.

  4. Wow! How inspiring! Thank you for sharing! What song is in the slideshow, if you don't mind me asking? I'm preparing for a mission trip this summer to Cambodia and Thailand (1 wk Cambodia, 3 wks Thailand,) so it's very encouraging to hear from other girls who took similar trips this year! Thanks for the update! You are in my prayers!

    In His Service,
    Hannah Boyd

    1. I am so sorry for me not replying to this comment sooner! I just totally forgot to reply! I'm the song on the video is called " god's word changes lives" I just think it's a great song to illustrate giving Gods word out =D oh and that's so cool about your upcoming missions trips!! That's so exciting =D


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