Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Using your talents...

God given talents should be used to glorify him. 
God made you for a reason. He gave you your talents and gifts for a reason.
What are you doing with the talents God has given you?

  I often feel like I am useless... I feel like I am not doing anything BIG for God in my life... I feel like I have nothing to offer him...but I am wrong! I have myself to offer! God made me and you for a reason. None of us were put here on earth to do NOTHING. Everything we do, everything we say is for a purpose. Nothing is without PURPOSE. God can use just ordinary things to work into his BIG plans. We just need to offer ourselves. Give him what we can- our talents. All of us have a talent, we all have something unique about us that God purposely gave to us.
   Not one person is the same, we are all DIFFERENT. We all have different weaknesses and we all have different strengths. But the question is- what are you doing for God today? Are you using your gifts for God, or are you using them for wrong, or are you just not using them at all?
   God gave you your gift for a reason. Your gift might be singing, or playing the piano, or writing, or art, or.... the list goes on and on. We need to use our gifts to bring GLORY to God. He needs to be our purpose in life.
   Use your gifts for God! I know that for me personally it seems as if I am too young or too small to make a difference for God in my LIFE. But I can make a difference. I can make a difference just by letting God WORK through me. Are you giving your gifts and talents to God? Are you giving him everything?


Last night my family and I watched this awesome movie =) You all should really watch it sometime! It really was good and it had to do with a lot about what I was just talking about!

 It really had a great message =D

This is our Time


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  1. :)

    So sorry I didn't comment on the thingy maggigy thing where you say who I am!! I was really busy and was too late. :(

  2. Hi Brittney! I Love that movie. My mom reviewed it so we own it on DVD. It made me cry more than any other movie and gave me a lot to think about. It is the most powerful Christian movie I've ever seen to date. I have some of the same interests as you. I too am a young Christian blogger and enjoy writing stories and reading good books. If you like stories with a lot of action a little romance and an INCREDIBLE plot line ( I've read a lot of books and series and to date this is the best yet) check out The Sword and the Staff series. You can read a review on it at my moms blog. , ,
    Those are the link address's. They are totally worth reading! It's great too have found your blog!


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