Thursday, May 2, 2013

Words of Wisdom #2

OK, time to do another word of wisdom link-up =D I hope that some of you enter this time! 
but anyway this is what you do is...
1)Choose a picture of a quote that inspires you; either on Pinterest, Google, or just make up one yourself.
2) Take that quote, post it on your blog & then do a post about what that quote means to you in your life.
  3) Take the above photo and put it on your blog post with a link back to this post.

Have fun =)

 Be careful with your words 


The above quote is so true and powerful. Words have the power to do more damage then almost any other thing! Words hurt, and they are hard to heal. Many people use their words as a weapon but we need to use our words as healing. We should ALWAYS speak kindly. We need to watch our words; we need to think before we speak. Because what we say can not be taken back.The words you say can either build up or break down. What comes out of your mouth? Do you say kind encouraging words, or are you impatient, cruel, and mean? I know that I personaly struggle with ' thinking before I speak" I am usually a loud mouth and I have trouble keeping my mouth closed. 
   The things I regret most in my life is probably the words that I have said to my friends, & family. When I get angry I tend to say things I don't mean. I am trying to work on " thinking before I speak" and I am also trying to be more of an encouragement to the people around me. 
   Have you ever been hurt by someone's harsh words? I know that you probably have; I think that everyone has at one time been hurt by someone's words. But the true question is- How did you deal with it? Did you get angry and say something mean back? did you hold bitterness against that person? When we are hurt by someone's elses words we should never hold bitterness towars them. The right way to deal with it would be by going up to that person and tell them that they hurt you. Many times peaople do not know when they have insulted or affended others.
  I am going to try this week to be kinder in my words to the people around me. Because words mean a lot; they can be used as a tool for kindness, or for a weapon of cruelty. Be wise with your words. Encourage others; sometimes a tiny bit of kindness can go a long way!

~ Words can be used for HEALING; but they can also be used to HURT. decide what you are going to use your words for ~

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