Sunday, June 30, 2013


OK, so I know that most of us have heard about google friend connect shuting down. I don't know if this is true or not but just to be safe please follow me on bloglovin =)


Oh and I know that some of my followers play the piano and I was wondering- do any of you know of any good websites where I can find free printable music sheets? I've been looking for a good website but I just can't find one! If any of you know of one I would really appreciate it if you could tell me the web address =) Thanks!

Sorry for the short post today guys, I've just been really busy =/ Hopefully I'll post a longer one tomorrow =)

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A writer's journey

As many of you know I am in the process of writing a book...and HOPEFULLY getting it published. Ever since I was a little kid that was my dream. I love to write. I always have! I love the excitement of coming up with plot ideas, making exciting characters, making new worlds. I just LOVE it! But writing can also be's a learning process! 
   I know that some of you also enjoy writing and that you also dream of becoming a published author. But you probably like me where asking- where do I start? Once I got really serious about pursuing my dream of getting a book published I started looking for as much info on publishing, agents, etc. as possible! Just recently I read the book How to turn your first draft into a published book
It was SO HELPFUL to me. I would greatly advice that you consider getting this book, it was a great help to me!

Quotes and saying for writers

This list more thoroughly describes my view of my characters and my fiction than any other list I've come across on Pinterest. 
 This quote described me more then any other quote I've seen! It just described being a writer so clear and true.

it really does! 
LOL, yes this is my reading experience.


Which in my case is writing!

 What do you love?

If you are a writer do you plan on publishing your book anytime soon?

comment below

Monday, June 24, 2013

I have raided Pinterest

Yes I have! So be prepared...

to be amazed....

by my....

Obsessive amount of pins 



SoMe fRoM My bOaRd Pinspiration



hello my name is by Matthew West


^I really do^ 




SoMe fRoM My bOaRd just me!



 so relatable 

Ya, I like do this like every time! LOL




SoMe fRom my BoArD TV, Movies, & more

Storm Troopers #geek 


I cried my eyes out on this part!!!!

National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets 

luv these movies!





FrOm My BoARD sPlEndID sTyLe    

"church outfit" by fiddlegrass-ashley on Polyvore 

 plaid and ruffles 

I love this outfit so much!

Creative Guest: Ruffled Tote Tutorial by Blue Robin Cottage  




FrOM tHE bOarD Little cute & cool things 

St. Anne's Academy Equestrian Club ~ Gainesville, VA 







FrOM MY BoArD Laughting out Loud 



 It has happened. 





 Hehe please no! 



My oThEr BoARdS


Things I want to do

Things I want =P

Time 2 Design


Creative Ideas

So totally True

I am a writer at heart


Super Heroes

Disney Princesses



... and if you enjoyed this please tell me and I will do another post on the rest of my Pinterest boards, It's kind of a never ending process; LOL...



Saturday, June 22, 2013

Keep Calm & Carry On

Keep calm  

Have you ever heard the phrase " Keep Calm and Carry On"? I'm sure you have! I'm sure it's probably the most popular saying now a'days. But have you ever really stoped and thought about? I mean it's really not as easy as it sounds is it? I know that in my life I have a hard time " keeping calm" I worry; I worry a lot! But I shouldn't because worrying is practically the same thing as not having faith in God.
   But do you ever think about if us Christians are constantly worrying about the things; how much more do lost people worry? I mean really; You would be so worried. You wouldn't know where you where going to go when you die, you wouldn't know that somebody loved you so much that they died on the cross for your sins. I would be a worried mess! 
   It is hard for us Christians to " Keep Calm and Carry on" but to be honest we have NOTHING to worry about unlike lost people. God's taking care of us =) He is constantly by our side. Just think how blessed we are! We know where we are going when we die- We are going to Heaven! We know that God loves us enough that he died for us even though he knew that we would fail him daily. We have NO reason to worry. We should be able to easily " Keep calm and Carry on" but yet we constantly still worry.

Because we don't have enough faith; and we are not giving EVERYTHING to God.

 We are not placing our futures in his hands. Instead we are trying to control our lives our self. 
But uh, our way doesn't always fact it never works. God's way is always better. And once we give EVERYTHING to God, we won't have to worry because we our trusting in him, and he can NOT FAIL. are you feeling today? Are you worrying about your future? Or are you giving your future in God's hands, are you giving him full control?


' Keep Calm, God's got your hand, and he will Carry you on"


Friday, June 21, 2013

Fallen Tears


Her breath caught in her throat. She looked at the letter in her one hand, her other holding her fallen husbands dogtags. " He's gone,' She whispers. " He's really gone." 

The room whirls around her and she drops to the ground to her knees. She folds her hands over her heart, the pain in her chest tightens and she cries. 

 How could it be? Her love, her life, her everything...was gone. 


She hears a small voice behind her. ' Mommy,' The voice whispers, " What's wrong mommy?'

She turns around and her glassy eyes stare back at her young daughter's blue eyes. " Baby; your daddy...he's gone."

Pain courses through the young girls face, " H-he died?" She whispers softly.

"Yes sweetie, He died," again she brakes out in tears. She wraps her arms around herself still clutching her husbands dogtags. " He's gone, he's really gone." She whispers once again to herself. She feels a small hand on her shoulders. Her daughter leans close to her, her small hands stroke away her tears. " Mommy,' She whispers, " It's OK mommy, Daddy's in Heaven, He is with Jesus. He's not really gone, we're going to see him again.'

The mother looks up and her tears stop for a moment, she catches her breath and then wraps her arms around her daughter, she once again begins to cry, " Your right sweetie. He's not really gone. We will see him again." 

 Fictional/ Inspired off picture via Pinterest

And a special thank you to all the solders who gave down their lives for our Country, for our Freedom, and for our families!

Just a few little random things...

Well first of all I would like to thank all of you for commenting on my last post =) Thanks so much for all the positive feedback.

    And I have decided to...change my blog's name to.....
     Yay!....But not quite yet.... instead of doing it now I've decided to do a whole new design, host a giveaway or contest, and a few other things once I reach 100 FOLLOWERS! Yippee! I can't believe that I only need 7 more followers to reach 100! Thank you guys so much for following my blog. So anyway would any of you be willing to donate something for a giveaway prize? Like a ad space, blog design, handmade gift, etc.? If any of you are interested in doing that I would greatly appreciate it =)

    Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! And if you can- please get the word out about me having a 100 follower giveaway/party!

ice cream 🍦🍧 
...This looks really good right now! I LOVE ICE CREAM...

Saturday, June 15, 2013

I might change this blog's name...maybe...

    OK, so here is the thing; I really just fell in love with the blog name " once upon a time" and I was thinking of changing my blog to that name but I just don't know if I want to change it!?! I mean my blog has been " Daughter of the King" for over a year now and I don't know if I should finally make a change or just keep it? Please comment telling me what you think! 


Here is the general Idea of the blog, it's theme, design, etc.


Please tell me what you all think.



Tuesday, June 11, 2013

My life as a Missionary's Kid #4

It's time for the fourth post on- My life as a Missionary's kid. I hope you have enjoyed these so far =) This is my second to last post on this series and then I'll move on onto a new series! Do any of you have any suggestions or ideas for some kind of new  series? If you do please comment with your ideas =)


The Mission's Trips

One of my favorite things about being in the Wings ministry is that I am able to go on Mission's trips! I just recently went to Guatemala on a trip! I talked about that in this previous post. And I am also God willing going to Ireland & Scotland this August! I am so excited! And a few years back in 2010 I went to Romania =) Both of my mission's trips have been such a blessing to me. Both times they have really touched my heart and changed my life. I just can't wait to go on even more trips! Next year my dad is taking a group to Brazil for the World Cup. I am so excited about that one because I love Brazil. In case you all didn't know my dad actually grew up in Brazil because his parents where missionaries there! In fact most of my dad's family still live in Brazil as missionaries =) 

    If any of you have ever been on a Mission's trip I'm sure you enjoyed it so much. I'm sure that like mine it also touched your heart to see how blessed we are to live in America and realize how poor people are in different countries. But the real tragedy is that many of those people have never even heard about God. While we where in Guatemala we went to a school and my dad had preached. When he asked how many kids where saved not one hand went up. There where over 400 kids there that day. That just broke my heart! None of those kids had ever heard of Jesus dying on the cross for their sins! After my dad preached 9 kids got up in front of their class mates and got saved. Thank God that those 9 that got saved! It really touched my heart.

    But anyway I just thought that I would share about what a blessing it is to be part of my family's ministry! If you all would like to find out more about it please check out my family's website-

 wings bearing precious seed 

and if any of you are interested in maybe going on one of our future mission's trips you can sign up for our e-mail updates on the website which will tell you when they are, or of course when I mention them in future blog posts you can just ask about them then too =)


Isn't this picture beautiful? And isn't it amazing that God made all of the universe? Isn't our God truly amazing?

Monday, June 10, 2013

This busy life of mine...

Well first of all I would like to say I'm sorry for not posting in such a long time! I just got back from a trip to Virginia =) I had a really great time! Here is a little overview of what I did:

Busch Gardens

I had a really terrific time at the amazing amusement park: Busch Gardens in Williamsburg, VR. The roller coasters where amazing! My personal favorites where: Verbolten & The Griffin. In fact my dad said that The Griffin was his favorite roller coaster EVER =P It was pretty epic =) Oh and the water rides where great too! If you all like amusement parks you should totally check into Busch Gardens. It was my favorite amusement park I've been to so far =) And I've been to quite a few...


Camping & Jamestown

While we where in Virginia we stayed at Pocahontas State Park where we put up our camper =) We also took one of the days to go see historical Jamestown which was quite interesting!


HomeSchool Fair

I know that many of my followers are homeschooled and I was wondering- Have any of you all been to a homeshool fair? If you haven't you should totally look into them! They are so fun =) Well they are to me any way =D But anyway the reason we went all the way to Virginia for a homeschool fair was because my family travels all around the states during the summer to different homeschool fairs to sale LFBC's curriculum. So we are just vendors there. But anyhow while I was there I got to meet Rachel Coker!! YAY!!! If you don't know who she is she is the author of the books: Chasing Jupiter &  Interrupted.    And I also got to go to her class on writing for teens and it was such a great class! She really is a great speaker ( and writer) and I really got to learn a lot from her. She is such a great inspiration to me because she is such a young and talented writer who followed her dream of becoming a published author! So if you'd like to check out her blog click ----> HERE <-----

So that's what I've been up to =) Hope you all have a terrific week!

"That's the portal." "Yup." 

Just had to post this pic since it looks so cool =P LOL