Friday, June 21, 2013

Just a few little random things...

Well first of all I would like to thank all of you for commenting on my last post =) Thanks so much for all the positive feedback.

    And I have decided to...change my blog's name to.....
     Yay!....But not quite yet.... instead of doing it now I've decided to do a whole new design, host a giveaway or contest, and a few other things once I reach 100 FOLLOWERS! Yippee! I can't believe that I only need 7 more followers to reach 100! Thank you guys so much for following my blog. So anyway would any of you be willing to donate something for a giveaway prize? Like a ad space, blog design, handmade gift, etc.? If any of you are interested in doing that I would greatly appreciate it =)

    Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! And if you can- please get the word out about me having a 100 follower giveaway/party!

ice cream 🍦🍧 
...This looks really good right now! I LOVE ICE CREAM...

Brittney Johnson is just your average (and crazy) teenage girl serving an extraordinary God. She loves reading amazing books, writing stories, and dreaming about someday publishing a book. She loves to blog and would be so glad if you read her posts, comment, and maybe even follow


  1. cream. Do you like Italian Ice? It's my favorite.


    1. Oh yes I do like Italian ice =) but ice cream is still my favorite!

  2. That sounds like a great idea!!! I might be able to donate a couple items, but if I can't make something that I can send to you I might be able to make a header and button as a prize for someone if you would like. Just tell me what you think!

    1. OK, thanks so much for the offer! What are you thinking of making??

    2. Sorry it took me so long to reply! :( In answer to your question, I know how to make homemade soaps using glycerin. The problem with that though, is that I cannot figure out how to keep the humidity off of them....when the humidity does get to the soaps they start to get little gel glycerin drops all over them. :( I could try to make some though and see if they don't do that...since not all of the ones I have made have done that. My sister also makes crocheted purses and I might be able to talk her into making one or two. Or I make some crayon cards (Cards with melted crayon on the fronts...very pretty! These could be given away in a pack, not just one card)
      Just tell me what you think!

    3. Hey I'm so sorry for nt replying to this sooner!!!! And the crocheted purse & also the crayon cards both sounded like two GREAT prizes!! Would u be willing to do that for me??

  3. Cool! I wish I had something to offer, oh well. Congrats- well not exactly yet, but soon you'll have 100 followers! Yay!



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