Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Seeking some designing advice...

As many of you know I am attempting to write a book and maybe (hopefully) get it published someday! For a while I was debating on what I would name it but I finally came upon one that I liked! My book will be called: Once upon a secret. =) Do you guys like it? But anyway I've also been kind of experimenting with book cover designs...and so I thought that I would show you guys a few and ask you which ones are your favorite!

Cover #1

Cover #2


 Cover #3


Cover #4

And also I was wondering- would you all like me to do a post on about what my book is about?

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

2 awesome book reviews

Well the last two books that I have read have been sooooooo good and I thought that I might as well do a review on them for you guys =) 

The first book I read was:

Interrupted By: Rachel Coker 


Main Characters:

Allie: As the main character as this story Allie is a teenage girl who holds a heavy burden on her shoulder. Her mother has died and she must be sent to live with a family in Maine who she has never met. Angry and hurt she closes her heart to others and separates herself even farther from God.

Mrs.Beatrice: A kind lady who takes Allie in to her home in Maine. She has a big heart and a deep love for her God.

Sam Bloom: Allie's childhood friend who steps back into Allie's life when she least expects it. He is sweet, has a good personality, and he has plenty of charm =)
Charley: Allie's closest friend who's carefree and sometimes known to be a flirt. 

There are many other characters but these are the ones that stick out most in my mind.

When Allie's mother dies she is confused, angry, and all alone. Her heart fills up with anger and she begins to push away people and doesn't let them get close to her heart. When Sam Carroll steps back into her life things begin to change. But when she finally finds love will she except it or push it away like she has all of her life?

My thoughts:
I loved this book so much! I love Rachel's writing style and I really just love her as an author ( I actually got to meet her a while ago. She's super sweet and funny =) I loved the plot and I really just loved everything about this book. But it was a real tear jerker! I cried a few times but it had a GREAT ending and I really enjoyed it.


5 out of 5 star stars!


the second book was

The False Prince by: Jennifer Nielsen 

 Product Details 

Main characters:

Sage: Sage is the main character and I absolutely loved him. He was witty, kind, intelligent, and strong willed. I loved the way Neilsen wrote him. He was just such an interesting character.

Tobias: Tobias is intelligent but can often be a fool. He was very arrogant until he later learns a lesson. In the beginning I highly disliked him but towards the end of the book I liked him more.

Roden: Roden is strong and skilled, but what he gains in strength he lacks in intelligence. In the beginning I liked him but towards the end I Rather despised him. LOL, isn't it funny how things work out? 

Conner: An evil mastermind, who practically kidnaps the three boys mentioned above.

Mott: He was totally cool =) LOL, he was suppost to be a bad guy but I still enjoyed him.

Cregan: Blah. Is all I can say! LOL, he is cruel, nasty, mean, and violent.


Well I probably should stop talking about the characters but I just was so intrigued by all of them. But anyway for your all's sake I'll stop =P

In a discontent kingdom, civil war is brewing. To unify the divided people, Conner, a nobleman of the court, devises a cunning plan to find an impersonator of the king's long-lost son and install him as a puppet prince. Four orphans are recruited to compete for the role, including a defiant boy named Sage. Sage knows that Conner's motives are more than questionable, yet his life balances on a sword's point -- he must be chosen to play the prince or he will certainly be killed. But Sage's rivals have their own agendas as well. 

My thoughts:

WOW. just WOW. this book was...indescribable! It was AMAZING. I was just so caught up in the book I could hardly breath. I mean it was just SO good. The characters were so amazing, I don't think I've ever seen characters written better then they were. The plot was so unpredictable and creative, I was just in awe at how it ended! Just when you think you've got everything figured out- BOOM! Something totally unexpected happens. I love that=) I love not being able to guess how everything ends because most books are just so predictable, you know!?! Also what I really loved about it is that this book was so clean. It wasn't Christian but it didn't even have one inappropriate or questionable things in it. I come from a strict family and I am not allowed to read books with any bad words, graphic love scenes, etc. ( I'm so glad for my parents who protect me from those things) but I have started so many great books but then they had something bad in them so I had to put them down =/ I hate it when that happens! but this book was different! It was like PERFECT! I'm telling you guys stop what your doing and go get " The False Prince"! You won't regret it =) I am so excited because I just realized that this was a series and I am so going to read the next book and I can't wait for the third one to come out! It is released newt year!


1,000,000,000,000 out of 5! LOL, I just can't rate it. It was just so good



Also my contest and giveaway was originally going to end in two days! But I've only had one person summit their contest entry so far so I've decided to prolong the deadline to AUGUST 4th! Please enter guys, that's only 5 days away =)

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Some announcements

Many of you all know that I was thinking a few weeks back about changing my blog's name to Once Upon A Time and that I had said that once I reach 100 followers I would change! Well..... I was super excited about this idea but then something came up that has changed my my mom really likes the name Daughter of the King and doesn't want me to change it =P
But the reason for this decision is the fact that me and one of my good friends have decided to MAYBE (This is a not for sure thing)  write a devotional together for teen girls, I was thinking that we might name the devotional " Daughters of the King" (remember that this could all change) and for that reason I was thinking of keeping my blog name because IF we do get this devotional published I would kind of advertise my blog and kind of make it all go together as a general theme... but anyway this is not a for sure thing! Me & my friend will be working on this devotional and if we do end of finishing it and POSSIBLY getting it published it would just be so awesome =) But I was also wondering- IF we did write this devotional would any of you all be interested in getting one? I'm just curious how many people would be interested in having one. I personally wish that there were more devotionals for teen girls now'a'days! And my friend is really such an amazing writer and she is just always such an inspiration to me so I know that she would be to others also. 
* Love you Hope*

But anywho I just thought that I would tell you guys that! And even though I'm not changing the name of this blog I will be changing some things around; I actually think I'm going to go with a whole new look =) and there is still a possibility that I will be changing my blog's name in the future but just not at this present time!

Luv you guys and don't forget to enter one of my contests or giveaways!

^ Yes it is safe to say that I have a fascination with balloons but they kind of have a special meaning to me =) Maybe I'll post about it sometime! ^

100 follower celebration!

I am so sorry that I posted this so late but I have been so busy all day yesterday and didn't get a chance till now!

      First of all I would like to say thank you to whoever is reading this! YOU are what made this possible. I am so blessed to have so many lovely followers =) You guys are so awesome. 

But anyhow today we are having a ONLINE CELEBRATION PARTY! YAY!


I hope you enjoy it.
( F.Y.I this is going to be an extremely long post)

But here is my list of things we will be doing in this post....

1) A quiz 
2) A contest
3) A giveaway
4) A shoutout thing
5) Just some little random thoughts




Q.1 What is your favorite hairstyle?

A) short and cute
B) Long & loose
C) a fancy updo
D) a simple look

Q.2 What is your favorite kind of book?

A) historical fiction
B) a modern spy novel
C) a sweet romance
D) a heart-warming series

Q.3What is your favorite movie/series?

A) Kit Kittridge
B) Mission Impossible
C) pride & prejudice
D) the love comes softly series

Q.4 What is your favorite makeup accessory?

 A) Lipstick
B) Mascara
C) Foundation
D) you don't wear makeup 

Q.5 What would you want the most where u live?

A) A nice, small town
B) A huge shopping area by you
C) A beautiful fancy house
D) a huge amount of property

Q.6 What is your favorite look?

A) Vintage
B) Modern
C) fancy & Victorian
D) cute & plain

If you answered mostly A's you are a: vintage girl

If you answered mostly B's you are a: Modern Girl

If you answered mostly C's you are a: Victorian Girl

If you answered mostly D's you are a: Pioneer Girl



Written in Love contest


OK, so for this contest we will be doing something a little bit different. This is how it works....

I want you to write (type) a paper (document) about what means the most to you in your life. What do you live for? What or who do you love more than anything else?
 If you have a blog you can post it on there, and if you don't have one just tell me and you can send it to my e-mail.

   Once all the entries are in, I will then pick my favorite entry!

Here are the rules:
1) Your document must be 200-500 words. No less, No more.
2) Your entry must be in by 8/1/13
3) put the above picture on your sidebar
4) be creative, and have fun =)

Oh and also the winner will be receiving a WONDERFUL prize....


Isn't it so cute? A special thanks to Robyn Curry! You all should totally go check out her etsy shop! It's awesome. 

I hope that many of you enter!


A giveaway

Yes, I'm also having a giveaway =) So you have a change to either win the beautiful keychain by winning the contest above or you can enter this giveaway and win...


 SALE - Hunger Games Locket Necklace - Katniss Girl on Fire - New Movie - Bronze Filigree Pendant 

Hunger Games locket Necklace! Isn't it so cute!?! 

A special Thanks to Ivy for sponsoring this necklace =) You all should totally go check out her Etsy account.

So if you want to win this awesome necklace all you have to do is follow these instructions.


Mandatory entries:

1) Follow my blog

2) put the picture above on your sidebar. ( the one that says giveaway on it)


Extra entries :

1) Follow me on goodreads

2) put my blog button on your blog's sidebar

3) cover your face with peanut butter and post the picture on your blog =P ( I know this is kind of extreme and that most of you will not do it, but I still would love to see this =) * This will count as two entries*

4) follow me on Instagram 

5) follow me on Google plus


 NOTICE: Before you put any comments on this post please put what you are commenting for on top of comment! If you are entering my contest put CONTEST in bold letters before finishing comment. Please do a separate comment for each thing you are entering: contest, giveaway, tbh, quiz, etc!




I'm doing a TBH (to be honest) here on my blog! YAY! So all you have to do is comment on this post and I'll make sure I'll do one for you in my next post =) 

* For those of you who don't know what TBH is it's where I will say something about you. EXAMPLE: to be honest you are such an amazing girl... etc.*


  And last but not least I would just like to say thank you to ALL my WONDERFUL followers both old and new =) You all have been such a blessing to me. Thanks so much for sticking with me even when my posts might have seemed long and boring. And thank you all for leaving such sweet comments on my blog sometimes! It means more then you know.

   But anyway I hope you enjoy the party! I hope many of you enter my contests and giveaway =) Good luck to those who do, I hope you win =)