Tuesday, July 2, 2013

A walk through the forest

Hair flying in her face she turned her head around and saw her sister close behind. She giggled and kept on running, " You'll never catch me!" She hollered out.
" Oh yes I will!" Her sister called out from behind almost out of breath.
She picked up her skirts and started running as fast as she could.
She reached out her hand and grabbed her sisters dress.
" Gotcha!" She cried out laughing.
She pulled her to the ground and they collapsed giggling softly.
They looked up and saw the bright beautiful blue sky. Bright flowers surrounded them, and huge trees towered above them. They turned their heads to each other smiling.
" You thinking what I'm thinking?" the sister asked her eyes sparkling.
The other sister nodded her head, " I think so."
They smiled.
they grabbed hands, stood up and started running to the trees.
" Race you to the top!"

Fictional story based off picture via Pinterest 

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