Friday, July 12, 2013

Alone Yet Not Alone

 Do you ever feel unbearably lonely? Do you ever feel like nobody cares? Like nobody is there for you? I think at times we all feel this least I know I do. Sometimes we might miss a friend or family member and feel so lonely. Sometimes we might just feel like we are standing alone, and no one is there for us. 

But we are wrong.

God is with us and he always will be.

He stands with us when we feel like we can't stand life anymore.

He is there when no one else seems to be.

He is our shield, our rock, and our salvation.

We are NEVER alone. God should be our closest friend, our mentor, our guide, our teacher, our EVERYTHING. We must trust IN him. Because we are NOT alone, God is ALWAYS with us. FAITH is knowing God is always there, and that he will NEVER forsake us. Even though we might loose sight in him, he never looses us. He is our Shepard and our God. Who better is there to be with us when everyone else might forsake us?

Are you really alone?
No, your not. That is if you have Jesus in your heart. If you do you must know how FAITHFUL God is to comfort us. He never leaves us or forsakes us.

Remember when you think your all alone in this world- remember who made this world. Who made you. Who made everything. He's not ever going to leave us. He'll always be right by our side when we need him =)


While we are talking about being alone or lonely I thought that I would mention something about this amazing book I read-



It's an amazing true story about how two sisters survived an Indian attack! And the coolest part is....






*squeals with delight*

And below is the outstanding, amazing trailer for the movie! Please take time to watch it! I know you'll totally want to watch the movie after watching it =)

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  1. This sounds so awesome! I will try and look up the book.

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  2. great post Brittney! Thanks for sharing :)


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