Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Camp Glory 2013

Here are some pictures from camp =) There aren't many but I got as many as I could find!

This is all of us campers =) It was such a wonderful group!

This is me and some awesome friends I made at camp! I love them and miss them soooooooo much!!!!

Photo: Love these wonderful young ladies!!!!  <3   
^ Love them ^

On the last day they had a HUGE bonfire and had teens give testimonies! It was such a wonderful time, the Lord really spoke to a lot of people's hearts including mine.

And this is my & my good friend Katie at the Sword of the Lord Conference that I was able to go to yesterday & Sunday =) It was really a great time and I wish that I had been able to stay the whole week but my family was just too busy this week. Hopefully we will stay for the whole time next year.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures guys!! I'm so sorry that I don't have many but I didn't get very many changes to get pictures!


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  1. That is so amazing!! I love Christian camps so much. They just uplift my soul. <3 And testimonies? That time is so great. I finally was able to give a testimony how God's worked in my life with my ACL being torn at a camp about a month ago. I was freaked out, but it was amazing!

  2. This is so awesome Britt! Happy for you! I went to camp recently, it was really great!

    btw, thx for following my blog! ;)

    Abrielle Lindsay

  3. Awesome! So glad you had a good time! I have always wanted to go to a Christian camp or any camp for that matter :) But since we were missionaries we didn't really have time for anything but traveling, which was an adventure in itself ;)



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