Saturday, July 27, 2013

Some announcements

Many of you all know that I was thinking a few weeks back about changing my blog's name to Once Upon A Time and that I had said that once I reach 100 followers I would change! Well..... I was super excited about this idea but then something came up that has changed my my mom really likes the name Daughter of the King and doesn't want me to change it =P
But the reason for this decision is the fact that me and one of my good friends have decided to MAYBE (This is a not for sure thing)  write a devotional together for teen girls, I was thinking that we might name the devotional " Daughters of the King" (remember that this could all change) and for that reason I was thinking of keeping my blog name because IF we do get this devotional published I would kind of advertise my blog and kind of make it all go together as a general theme... but anyway this is not a for sure thing! Me & my friend will be working on this devotional and if we do end of finishing it and POSSIBLY getting it published it would just be so awesome =) But I was also wondering- IF we did write this devotional would any of you all be interested in getting one? I'm just curious how many people would be interested in having one. I personally wish that there were more devotionals for teen girls now'a'days! And my friend is really such an amazing writer and she is just always such an inspiration to me so I know that she would be to others also. 
* Love you Hope*

But anywho I just thought that I would tell you guys that! And even though I'm not changing the name of this blog I will be changing some things around; I actually think I'm going to go with a whole new look =) and there is still a possibility that I will be changing my blog's name in the future but just not at this present time!

Luv you guys and don't forget to enter one of my contests or giveaways!

^ Yes it is safe to say that I have a fascination with balloons but they kind of have a special meaning to me =) Maybe I'll post about it sometime! ^

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  1. Yes, yes, YES!!!! Love that idea!!! Totally want one! I do agree, there are so many devotionals for adults, men and women, but I very rarely find anything for young teenage girls. I am so wanted a devotional, I was actually just thinking about this very thing today! Great idea!


  2. A devotional is a great idea!! :)

  3. Hey I really like your blog and I have been reading it for a while now.. I wanted to say I'm glad you didn't change your blogs name! Daughter of the King has so much meaning... an I wanted you to know I saw the comment you left on jesuschick's funnies board and I really am totally glad you did that. She needed it and I needed to know I wasn't the only one who thought she was miss representing our King. Thanks :)

    1. Oh, and a Devo is a really great idea. At one point I wanted to wright one too. I started but never finished.... you know if you start a devotional blog (with multiple authors) for teen girls it can be free and online. Just an idea. :)

  4. Yes that would be a good idea!

  5. I love your new blog Brittney! It's adorable! ( and I really like the profile pic!)


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