Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The ABC'S of me

So I got this awesome idea from Jenna! You all should really go and check out her blog it's great =) 

Today I thought that I would share with you some random little "facts" about myself.
I hope you guys enjoy reading this!

Addictions: reading, writing, music, & blogging
Bible verse: Deut 31:6
Chore you hate: cleaning the bathroom
Dogs or cats: dogs...but I also adore cats =)
Essential start of your day: breakfast! LOL
Favorite color: Purple & orange
Gold or silver: silver
Height: 5'4"
Instruments I play: Piano & working on the violin
Job titles you've had: Soon to be reseller!
Keep-sake: My bible that has all the signatures of people who have gone on Mission's trips with me!
Live: U.S.A
Mom’s name: Dema
Nickname: Britt

Overnight hospital stays: hmmmmmmmm two or three!
Pet peeve: Teenagers that think that they have to " show off" to be "cool" but it really is not cool to be a total show off! BELIEVE ME- it's annoying!
Quote from a movie: " There's only one God, ma'am and I'm pretty sure he doesn't dress like that." Avengers, <3
Right or left handed: right
Siblings: younger brother
Time you wake up: Summer- around 8 to 9, School - 7:30 usually
Uncertainty: If I'll ever get my book published
Vegetables you dislike: All of them! LOL, but carrots are the worst.
What makes you run late: usually its when I decide to change my outfit or re-do my hair.
X-rays you’ve had done: One time when I had a sled accident
Yummy food you make: hmmmm not quite sure! I make a lot of stuff.
Zoo animal: Red Panda, Otters, or wolves! 

Hope you enjoyed getting to know a little more about me =)

* sorry about the font change*

And before I end this post I have been having a very serious problem lately! Many times in the last few days I've been posting a comment and it says it's been published but then when I go back the next day, etc, it's gone! Have any of you had this problem before? I have no idea what the issue is. I've never had this happen before =/ so if any of you might now what's wrong please tell me! Thanks =)

Brittney Johnson is just your average (and crazy) teenage girl serving an extraordinary God. She loves reading amazing books, writing stories, and dreaming about someday publishing a book. She loves to blog and would be so glad if you read her posts, comment, and maybe even follow


  1. I think that's happened once or twice to me. Honestly, I'm not sure either.


  2. Love it, Britt!! :)

    I'm not sure about the comment thing... hm... probably just a small glitch in blogger that'll work itself out. =P

  3. Love all your random facts about you. I love whenever people blog about random facts.


  4. Sounds great! My email address is:



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