Saturday, August 24, 2013

Scotland/Ireland Missions Trip

Well it's finally time for me to show you guys some pictures from my trip,etc. I'm sorry it took me this long to post. I've just been super busy this last week because I just came back from my trip and we just started school this week! 

My trip to Scotland and Ireland this year was totally amazing and life changing. I love all of the missions trips I go on and here are some reasons why.
1) I love meeting my team members and being able to fellowship with them
2) I love being able to see people receive the gospel and get saved
3) It also changes my life

When we go on Missions trip are goals are to get God's word out, change lives, and be a blessing to the missionaries there. But I think that these missions trips are a HUGE blessing to me in my life. It's really eye opening to go to these countries and see how lost the world is. They are in total spiritual darkness. We are so blessed to be Americans and have God's word available.
I also just love spending time with the team members that I meet. Our group was so awesome, and I really got to meet such amazing people. It was really hard to say goodbye! But I know that I will see them again someday if not here then in Heaven =)

Below is a video I made for my trip! Please watch it and I hope you enjoy it!

Please keep the people of Scotland & Ireland in your prayers and also please pray for the missionary families there
( The Vogelpohls, The Smiths, and the Correas)

If you would like to learn more about our missions trips click  HERE! It would be so awesome if one of you ended up going on one of our trips =) They truly are life-changing! I can't wait for our trip to Brazil next summer! YAY!!!

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  1. That is so amazing. :D School is going to start for me soon.

    (By the way, I commented before about the writing contest, but I think you didn't realize it: do you know how I can contact you?)

    Love yourself,

  2. Love the video! Yep, starting school, with the best teachers ever (my Mom :)) So glad your back!



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