Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The importance of reading the right books

"kindles don't have this kind of magic." 
I love to read. And I also think that many other bloggers also love to read. Reading is one of my favorite things to do! I love the feeling of a good book taking me into a different world, meeting new people, and going on wonderful adventures =) But today I wanted to talk about reading the right kind of books. I know that I have had to put down so very many cool, interesting books because of bad language, or graphic romance scenes.
  Sometimes it's hard for me to put down a book that I'm really into because of these reasons, but I know it's the right thing to do. My parents are very picky about the books that I read, but they don't have the time to read all of my books before I do. So they have to trust me to some degree. They trust me to judge a book and to honestly tell them if there is something I feel is inappropriate. 
   I try my hardest to keep my parents trust and to put some books down (even if I'm totally wrapped up in the story) if there is any thing even questionable.
   Now I know that many teenagers do not have the same view on books. They think any book is OK, as long as it's not totally bad! They are Ok, with some bad language, and some bad scenes. At first it may bother them that there are some bad things in books but once they read more and more books with the same problem they don't seem to care any more-their used to it.
Book can impact our lives, either good or bad. And most of the time we don't even notice. Psalm 139:23 says: Search me, O God, and know my heart: try me, and know my thoughts: 
God knows what we are thinking, he knows our thoughts! And we should not be ashamed for him to know them. Our thoughts should be pure and honorable but often reading books with bad language,etc, puts bad thoughts into our head.
It's really up to us to make the final decision on how we control our thoughts, and what books we read. Even though my parents keep an eye on what I read doesn't mean they know exactly what's in all the books I read. I am the one that really decides what I'm going to read or not.
I remember just a little while ago I was reading this amazing book! I loved it so much and was so wrapped up in it that I couldn't put it down. But then things began to get a little graphic romance wise. I realized that if I kept on reading this book I'd want to read the next one because it was a series. But I also knew the romance would almost most definitely get even more graphic. So I had a choice- keep on reading the book even though I knew my parents wouldn't approve of the book if they knew it had these things in it, or finish reading it. I have to admit it was a hard choice. I really wanted to finish it but I didn't. I wanted my parents to trust me and I didn't want to have those kind of things in my mind. While it was a good, exciting book it wasn't good for me. It was unhealthy for my thoughts and mind.

          But anyway I just thought I'd do a post about this. It's really been on my mind lately, and I thought it might be a blessing to some of you.

Oh and just for you all know I am leaving today for my trip! Yippee! Please continue to pray for safety and that many people would get saved. This will be my final post on here for about two weeks since I'll be gone that long. I was going to get some guest posters but I've been super busy getting ready for this trip and I didn't have time =/ So bye, I'll miss you guys!

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  1. I agree completely! I once read a series (The Books of Bayern) that was rather inappropriate and made me uncomfortable, but I didn't want to put it down! I finished the series, but I haven't read a popular/modern book since. It's just not worth it.

    1. Yes I completely agree! More modern/popular books are often worse then others!

  2. I totally hear you Britt, my family has the same rule. And most of the time if I want a book, or if it looks really good, then I get it from the library and my older sister checks it out. So yeah, I totally agree with you!


  3. I agree with you 100%!! I think too few Christians are way when it comes to their media choices. I don't read romances apart from a few Christian authors I enjoy. My family has a rule for movies and books: Realistic (war) violence, some minor profanity, and no sexual content. I mean, I mostly read historicals, and yes, I have came across some rough profanity. For example, I read Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand last summer and I LOVED it. It was a true story, and it had a LOT of powerful lessons - faith, forgiveness, courage, doing the right thing. BUT it had a lot of "iffy" scenes, a bunch of profanity, and lots of violence. http://www.theliteratemother.org/unbroken-by-laura-hillenbrand

  4. Hey, just wondering, I know you're in Scotland, but you put a comment on my blog, so I'm not sure if you're available for a little more computer time, but I'm needing one more person for my blog design giveaway. It's OK if you don't have time, but if you do, I'd love to have you! :)

  5. I totally agree, Brittney! With the culture of our world today, we have to be on our guard all the time.


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