Friday, September 20, 2013


I was awarded the Liebster award from the amazing blogger friend of mine- Marissa! Thanks so much girl =)
1. Whats your style?
casual and cute

2. Favorite season?
either winter or summer

3. Favorite childhood toy? 
Littlest pet shop most likely =P

4. What Disney Princess are you most like?
Hmmmmm probably Ariel, Repunzel, or Merida

5. If you could name this little girl what would you name her?

Aww! She's so cute. I'd probably name her Anna. Just because I love that name and I think it suits her....or Mandy would be cute too....

6. Favorite breed of dog

7. If you could live in one of these three houses which one would you live in?
Cottage by the sea
White Farmhouse surrounded by corn fields 
Brick mansion on an estate
White farmhouse =)

8. Dream car
this ones a toughy! Uhhhh either a green ford fiesta, a yellow corvette, or a mini cooper =)

9. Which one of these jobs would you pick?
Fashion Designer in Paris
Famous writer/painter in England
Totally a famous writer!!!
10.  Do you wear hats? 
I LOVE HATS! But no I actually don't wear them often =/ 
OK so I'm not going to nominate anyone today cause I don't really have the time today. But anyone and everyone is free to take the award! You all should be rewarded for being the world's best followers =)

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  1. Yes, I'd so totally agree on number nine. That would be so cool! :)

  2. Yes, I agree with the name Anna. :D haha lol

  3. That little girl is ADORABLE! I would totally name her Mandy! Anna is a good one too!


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