Saturday, September 21, 2013


My BFF and her sisters and some other people came over today for my brother's birthday party =) I had so much fun and enjoyed being able to see them! Here are some pictures of us girls just goofing off!

Me and my good friend Hope =) Love this girl!

Yes I am very weird =P LOL

^ love all of these girls so much^


^ This is my gorgeous BFF Hannah! Love her so much, she is just so beautiful inside and out =) ^

can't believe my little brother turned 10! =) I thank God so much for the wonderful family he had given me!


and this is a random picture that I took last week of me, my brother, our cousins, and out neighbors =) Just thought I'd post this!

Hope you all are having a GREAT day

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  1. I love your skirt! Did you make it?

    1. Thanks =D it's probably my favorite skirt, it's just so cozy! But no I didn't make it =/ I'm not very skilled at sewing in the such =/ Wish I was though! Do you enjoy sewing?

    2. Oh, I love sewing. I am hoping to make my self a few shirts and maybe a skirt or two. Have to finish my other sewing projects first though. :-/

  2. Awes! So sweet!
    Happy B-day to your brother! He looks so happy ... : D hehe!



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