Friday, September 13, 2013

Let go//balloons

 let go...
Balloons. They are such a simple thing to some people but to me they reposent something. I don't know if you all noticed but lately almost all of my designs for my blog have had pictures of balloons. Balloons are a symbol of something to me. I like it when people have a certain thing that reminds them of something true and special. Crowns used to my favorite symbol because it reminded me that I was a child of the King =) I also like anchors; they symbolize God's grace and how it is our anchor of hope. But balloons symbolize something to me that I have had trouble with lately- letting go. Yep. I love pictures of people just letting go of the balloons and letting them fly away into the big blue sky. I think that's what we should do with our burdens in life. We just need to let them go and give them to God and he will take care of them! The most amazing feeling is complete peace. You only find that in Christ. I felt more happy then I ever did before when I just gave EVERYTHING to God. I told him what I was struggling with and just gave it to him and you know what!?! He took those burdens and turned them into blessings, and gave be complete peace in him. Once we realize that we can just give your burdens to Christ we will know that he will make all things right. We just have to give him complete control instead of trying to solve things ourselves =)

So that's the reason why I often use balloons in my design =) It's kind of my symbol so to speak!  What is your symbol? what does it mean to you? I think everybody should have a "symbol" in life that reminds them about God and his love. My aunts symbol is blue birds. She loves them so much and they remind her about all the beautiful things God has created. 
So what is your symbol? I'd love to hear all about it and what it means to you =)

dream like... 
Thank you for reading! Love you guys.

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  1. GREAT post Brittney!!! Sorry I havent commented in a while.

    1. Thanks! I was beginning to wonder what happened to you since you weren't posting on your blog, etc. Glad to have you back =)

  2. www.trichasworld.comSeptember 25, 2013 at 1:42 PM

    I love this blog! Letting go and moving forward in Christ. A symbolism for me is the ctrl, alt, delete button on the computer. It may sound odd but I think of it as deleting old files-baggage from my life. I've saved a lot of things that I need to clean from my hard drive-giving more space in my life for God. This was a blessing Brittany! Check out my blog

    1. Wow! That's such a great example! I never thought of that! Thank you so much for sharing =)


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