Monday, September 9, 2013

Who's driving your car?



Those are usually the last words someone yells in a car crash. Can you imagine it in your mind? The driver is speeding down the road not noticing the dangerous ditch coming up ahead of him. The person in the passenger seat sees the ditch. They yell; they shout out a warning. But often it's too late. 
Isn't this also kind of true about life?
Just imagine that we are on the highway of life. As Christians God should be at the steering wheel in our life, but yet we so often push him out of the drivers seat and put him in the passenger seat. This leads to crashes, flat tires, and tickets. God should be in control of our lives! But yet so often we push him into the passenger seat thinking we don't need him, and then when we get lost we just look to him for directions. But the thing is if God was in the drivers seat we wouldn't need to be looking for directions! He'd be taking us to where we needed to be.
Right now I am lost in life. Sometimes I am just so completely helpless, and I have no idea what the future holds, and then I often just start to find my own way in life. I start speeding so to speak. I start to loose focus on the directions God sends my way. I don't see the stop signs, and I just speed along looking for direction by myself. But this is wrong. This will get me no where...besides into a big mess later in my journey. If I take things into my own hands it will lead into a terrible crash in life.
What I must do is give God the steering wheel of my life. I must slow down and just give it to him. I don't know what's down the road. There might be unexpected turns, heavy traffic, deep ditches, and bad weather. But if I'd just give the wheel to God he'd direct me through everything. 
   Sometimes it's hard to give God the steering wheel, and then sometimes when we do we often complain and tell God he's "going  the wrong way." We think he's taking us somewhere we don't want to go, but he's really just steering us away from trouble. 
God's a better driver then we are. He knows what lays ahead and we don't. Maybe God is in your life, maybe your using him as a GPS to navigate yourself through life. But that's not good enough! We are only giving him partial control. We are letting him tell us what he thinks we should do, but that doesn't mean we'll always obey him. We'll sometimes take a turn and think we are taking a "shortcut" but instead we are making a terrible mistake. 
God shouldn't just be our GPS or our copilot. He should be our driver. He should have full control.

Where is God in your car of life right now? Is he the driver? The GPS? Or is he just a passenger?


Love this! 

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  1. "Is prayer your steering wheel or your spare tire?" -Corrie ten Boom

  2. Beautiful and so true. I really struggle with that.
    Thank you!


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