Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Animated movie geek

Yeah. The title pretty much covers what this post is about =P I'm like the weirdest person when it comes to animated movies! I think I like animated movies more then anyone I know and everyone I do know thing I'm still a little kid for liking them...which I kind of am so oh well =P Anyway I just thought I'd talk about my top 5 favorite animated movies (choosing five was a very hard task since I have about a hundred)

OK SO....

#1- Tangled


I LOVE THIS MOVIE. Like seriously-it's amazing. I mean I can't even begin to say how awesome it was. The plot, characters, humor, love's like perfect. Tangled is by the far the best Disney princess movie to me. When Brave came out last year I was so excited but was greatly disapointed =/ I loved the fact that it was based in Scotland and stuff but I feel they didn't do near as good as a job with Tangled. But I am so excited about Frozen!!! It looks awesome =D (BTW did anyone else notice that all the new princess movies have just been one word? Tangled,Brave, Frozen...) But anyway I really loved Flynn and Repunzel =) I think it's like the best love story! 

OK; let's move on...

#2- Monsters University  

怪獸大學 / Monsters University 

Where do I begin? Monsters University was AWESOME! I expected it to be good but it was GREAT. cutest movie ever! SO hilarious. animation was so cool; Mike was SO cute =D Overall this movie was just so adorable, funny, and heartwarming! Gotta love the friendship between Mike & Sully. I love how this movie really went through the history of them. So totally awesome- a must see for anyone

#3- Rise of the Guardians 

Rise of the Guardians 

Ok so like I said it's really hard to pick my top favorites but rise of the guardians is definitly way up there =D Loved this movie. Before I watched it I thought it would be pretty dumb and not that awesome but I was so wrong! Loved Jack frost; he was so cool. This movie had good humor, and I just loved it. 

#4- Anastasia

I used to watch this movie every time I went to my grandmas house. Lol it's still one of my favorite movies. 

Ok this is a no-brainer for me! LOL; I've loved this movie since I was a little girl =D I've like seen this movie a million times. I loved the characters, loved the plot (I've always loved the story about Anastasia and even though this isn't exactly historically correct I loved the twist on the story)

#5- Quest for Camelot 

Quest for Camelot 

This one is a old favorite too! But I really love this movie. Love the characters to death, the plot was fun and exciting. I loved the soundtrack to this movie and it had all the characteristics of a great animated movie. Even though it's old and the animated isn't "modern" it still is a great movie.

OK so I only had a ton of other animated movies I love like: Bolt, Despicable me, Up,.....The list goes on and on but I'll stop at five =D

Just thought I'd add this totally cool fan art thing
 I would watch this movie 

and if you haven't already please read my friend Hope's guest post =D

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  1. Oh my word, I totally love animated Disney movies... especially like Tangled!!!! :D (and mostly just animated movies... like How to Train Your Dragon!!!!!!!!!!!) Great picks! :) I haven't seen Monsters U yet, but I really want to!!!! I super duper hope that Frozen is awesome.... (Well, the main character has my name, so, yeah... ;)) ANIMATED MOVIES ARE AWESOME. <3

  2. Yes! I love Disney, too! And surprisingly I've never heard of 'Rise of the Gaurdians'! When did that come out? I feel so lost...
    ;) Hannah

    1. It came out a few months ago- maybe around Easter!?! Not quite sure...but it is SO good. I don't know why it wasn't as popular as some as these other animated movies but I personally LOVED it.

  3. Have you watched Epic?!?!?!? It's one of my faves. It has AMAZING animation!! I am really excited for Frozen too.

    1. Yes I did see Epic =D Yes the animation is really good on that movie!

  4. I love Anastasia:) Yes, I really like animated movies or whatever, they're so fun to watch :)
    BTW, how'd you get all the pictures to do that thingy? I love it! :)

    1. It's a CSS code that I found =D it's pretty cool huh!?! If you contact me on my designing blog I'd be glad to give you the code =)

  5. So you like Rise of the Guardians? I thought it looked neat but the reviews didn't seem to be so good...I'll have to go look into it some more since you said you liked it! :)
    I love Anastasia too...and the music is so good and the characters are so fun! The little white bat is always so weird! ;)

    1. Yeah I loved it! not sure why it's not that popular but me and me brother both really liked it =) Yes love the music on Anastasia- Once upon a December is like on of my fav songs.

  6. Rise of the Brave Tangled Dragons. This and Avengers Rise of Ultron are the two movies I want the most. I guess Avengers 2 is being made, but yeah. ANIMATED MOVE GEEK HIGHFIVE!!!

  7. haha awesome. i love tangled, and Quest for Camelot! I thought I was the only person who loved that movie! :)

    1. Me too! I didn't know anyone else who has even seen Quest for Camelot! But it is AWESOME =D

  8. Love all of these! I am quite the movie freak myself ^__^ Quest for Camelot is a classic! Not many know of it. Glad you do! Can't wait for FROZEN!!! (only 6 more days!)

  9. Yes great movies :)

  10. I love Tangled as well. :) Great post, Britt!
    Tane ♥


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