Saturday, November 30, 2013


Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving =D here are some pics from my Thanksgiving! I had an amazing holiday!

Gathered around for the meal! yummy =)

Ok so this would have been a great picture but my dad obviously was not ready for the picture and has a hilarious look on his face! lol.

Playing games and winning prizes =D So fun. 

Me and my two wonderful aunts =)

This is my wonderful great-Aunt Janet! I love her so much. She's such an amazing woman.

Me and my Aunt Debbie. Love her bunches!

Well there you go folks! I know it's not a lot of pictures but it's all I got =/ Did any of you all go Black Friday shopping!?! I DID =D Love it; love it; love it! We go every year but this time I just got like a ton of awesome deals! Spent too much money though! lol; but I guess it was worth it =)

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  1. That's awesome!! We went to our grandparent's house, which was great. :)
    I've never gone Black Friday shopping. O_o

  2. Cool! Yes, I went and it was really INSANE.

    yeah, you know, I go spend that much time at the mall every day. Nothing new ;) LOL.

  3. I really want to go black friday shopping sometime, because now that I am older, I really care more about clothes, beauty produces, hair produces stuff like that. When I was younger I could care less because I just wanted toys, now I am really into sales on stuff like that :) Most all of my Christmas list is clothes, I wish I was a kid again :( Glad you're Thanksgiving went well! Ours was a success too :)


  4. Awesome pictures! Love your dads face in that one:D YES! I did go Black Friday shopping! I found a lot of good deals! Actually, this is the first time i have ever gone!

    1. Ha!ha! That's great you got some good deals!!!


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