Friday, November 15, 2013

To tell you the truth...

It's true. 

 Haha! Yes!!! 
Teenager Posts  
Lol; yes

LOL Sooooooo true 

So true.  

hahaha DO IT!!!!!!! 
Ha!ha! do it =P

 Oh yes!! Yes indeed!! 
It would be such a cool feeling. Like I'm reinacting a scene from Indiana Jones! lol

My Childhood...For real! 
My childhood!
I love everything about the holidays
Haha! Oh, so true. 

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  1. Hahahaha!! The "Affordable" care act one is SO funny!!! We have got to steal that! Right on!
    Thanks Brittney!

  2. WOW!!!!! These are so relatable!!!


  3. Yep, Yep, So true...Can we split the $100, Please :D

  4. There is quite a bit of truth to most of these things! Except for the packing one...I pack like, three weeks before we leave for somewhere! lol:D


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