Friday, December 6, 2013

Winds of change

 To Taste Adventure

Lots has happened in my life lately and I just thought I'd tell you all all about it! But just a FYI- this is probably going to be a long post. LOL; so read at your own risk =P Ok; let's start of with the biggest news first.

Some of you already know this but most of you probably do not...


Yeah. And it's not just the moving in another house in our town moving- it's moving from GA to KY moving. So yeah. That's the big news. I guess your probably thinking that I'm not very happy about the change- I mean most people don't want to pick up, move, and start all over. I'm usually a anti-change person. Some one who hates change and always likes things to stay the way they are. But this time it's different. This time I want to move! In fact I'm rather excited. I have some friends up in KY that I've met over the last couple of months of visiting up there. In fact some of you might remember me doing a blog post awhile back about me going to NY on a mission's trip with a bunch of teens from the church we'll be going to in KY.
This is the first time I've ever really wanted to move. I've moved many times and was always very sad and upset about it. But this time I think it's the best decision.
   While I'm excited about moving it will still be a very long and difficult process. That with all the work moving comes with and of course saying goodbye to dear friends. Thankfully I already have made some friends in KY and I can't wait to get involved with the church up there! They have a bus ministry that I will be able to help with and other kid's programs as well. I've always loved kids and never really had an opportunity to work a lot with them till now =) Please pray that our house sells though. It's been for sale for three months and we still haven't had a buyer... this has been very difficult since we were hoping to already be moved and settled in KY by now.

I have some more news and this one is very urgent and I ask that you all be praying with me for this! My grandpa has five blockages in his heart and he is going to have to have open-heart surgery. As many of you probably know this is a very serious surgery. PLEASE pray for him. Me and my mom are heading up to IN to be with him during the surgery and then to help him recover and we'll probably be up there for two weeks until Christmas.
  Christmas will of course not be the same for us this year and I was a little depressed about it but I just pray that everything will work out for the good =) Christmas is about CHRIST and not about us and I need to keep my eyes on that! But I'm sure it'll still be a wonderful Christmas. God is always good, and we always have something to be thankful for.

Alright so I know that was a long post but you won't be having any more posts from me for awhile probably. While I'm in IN taking care of my grandpa I'll probably be too busy to post. We are not leaving till Monday though so I'll probably post tomorrow. But after that I most probably won't post for about a week or two!

Thank you guys for reading my blog and being such an encouragement to me. Please keep my grandpa in your prayers along with our house selling soon!

Keep shining bright

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  1. Praying! And I hope you find your move fun and easy :)

  2. You're moving to KY!?!?!? Where are you moving to??? I live in KY! :) I hope you love it as much as I do!

    I'm so sorry about your grandpa, I know what it's like to have loved ones hurting during the holidays, it's the worst. I'll be praying <3


    1. Oh cool =) We are moving to a small little town about 20 minutes away from London! Thanks 4 your prayers!

  3. Hope you have a good move! I know all about moving ... seeing I just moved. hehe! It takes time to ajust, but once you do you simply love it. ;)
    Will be praying for you, and for your grandpa. :D
    May the Lord Bless you and your family.


  4. I am praying for your Grandpa and that your house sells quickly.

  5. I have moved 6 times in my life! Every time i was looking forward to it! I'm so sorry about you grandpa, I'll be praying!

    1. This will be our 12th move =/ lol; we've lived in 11 houses (soon 12) & have lived in 4 different states (soon 5)

    2. You, Britt, have just made my day! Finally, someone who has moved more than we have!! Each move for us was to a different state though, so...yeah:/

  6. MOVING!!!! We moved a few months back, and I don't regret a thing! :) That Lord has surely blessed us with this beautiful house! Although I guess I did kind of like a yard with a tiny fence so that our dog could go outside without being tied up :D I will definitely be praying for you're Grandpa, and I will REALLY be missing you're posts! If there is anyway possible I could help with something, please let me know! I will miss ya gal! :)

  7. Praying for both of these things Britt!! I know how scary it is with surgery on your grandfather and moving (after all, I moved to Indonesia :P) But, thank goodness, that HE is always there for us and that EVERYTHING works out for the good!! :D


    1. Yes he is always here for us =) Thanks TW!! Moving to Indonesia must have been very scary at first! I don't know how I could have handled that. But he works all things out for good doesn't he?

  8. OK, so my family is thinking about moving from southern CA to NC, and I am SO EXCITED XD It's weird though, cuz we have moved six times and I normally hate it, but this time I'm just like, "Yes, let's go, RIGHT NOW!!!"

    p.s. I'm glad you're grandpa's surgery went well, and you said you might have one buyer for your house right?


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