Thursday, January 2, 2014

New year~New goals

Hope you all had a wonderful New Year =) Today I'm going to post some goals I have for this year! I was going to post yesterday but I didn't have time =/

I've always liked this quote 
Ok so to be honest 2013 was not the year for me! Lol; let's just say I didn't really reach any of the goals I planned for the year =/ 2013 was probably the busiest year of my life but that's no excuse for not reaching any of my goals! But I hope that 2014 is going to be different =)


1) loose weight- I've been saying this forever but I hope this is the year that I pursue it.

2) write a LOT more- have a writing schedule and stick to it.

3) Have a daily schedule- make more use of my time

4) Get into art and D.I.Y more. I never do things like this.

5) Read my Bible more

6) Be a better daughter, sister, and a better person all together

7) Have a closer relationship with God

8) actually accomplish my goals =D


Alright then! I hope I really accomplish these goals. I hope you all made some goals for the New year and I hope that we all keep them!

Keep Shining Bright

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  1. Those are awesome goals, Britt!! :) You can do it!!! :D



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