Thursday, February 13, 2014

...For the first time in forever...

I'm finally doing a blog post!
Hey there guys. I'm so sorry i haven't posted on here in forever. I've never gone this long without posting. I've really, really missed it! 
As most of you all know the reason i haven't been posting much is because my family just moved to KY and we have been extremely busy moving in! Thank God we are in a house now :) (we were staying in the basement of a church for a little while) and we are slowly on our way to having our house "livable" lol. We've been painting walls, etc. The house needed some work (it's a bit of a fixer-upper ;) And we are going to get new flooring next week!
Even though we've been extremely busy-I'm really loving KY! The church we are at here is just so great (I got to go on my first ever youth conference last week! It was so fun) I'm now helping in a Sunday school class for little kids and I'm just loving helping! Love the kids to death :) This Friday I'm helping serve food at a valentine banquet and I look forward to that! I just love being so involved with the church. It's been just such a great blessing.
The second thing I want to post is some family pictures that we took in December! I never had the time to post them so I'll just post them now :) Better late than never.

And at the moment I can't find the rest :/ 

And as a final thing I thought I'd do like a short timeline of all our family portraits (can I just say the newest ones are definitely the best)

(yeah the old photos are extremely embarrassing but I shared them anyway hoping you all would still follow me even though you saw those horrid photos! lol;jk)

Thanks for reading guys! Have an awesome Valentine's Day

Keep shining bright


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  1. Happy Valentine's Day to you, too! :) Love the pictures!! =) That's so great that you guys got moved in!!!! =)

  2. Happy Valentine's Day!!! :D (In Indonesia, it's Friday! :)
    You and your family are so beautiful, Britt! :) I don't mind the old pictures--you should see old ones of me. Ha, did I just say that? :P
    Hope your house will be fixed soon! ;) (Hey, did you try to fix it with LOVE??) ;)

    TW Wright

  3. Happy Valentine's Day!!!
    You are so pretty, Britt! :-) I love looking at old pictures, and these were great!

  4. Happy Valentines Day, Britt! Those photos are really pretty :)

  5. Happy Valentine's Day!!! I'm glad you like Kentucky! I do love it as well, I've lived here my whole life, I'm sure you'll only love it more as you're here longer!


  6. Beautiful family, Brittney!

    By the way, I've awarded you at my blog!


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