Thursday, March 27, 2014

Swingin' into spring

So spring is finally in the air! And I am so happy. Spring isn't usually my favorite season but I feel like this winter has lasted so long and I'm just so ready for it! So I thought I'd share some springy things from my Pinterest board :)


 Pretty paints. 
All the colors of spring =) What is the first color that comes to your mind when you think of the word spring? Mine has always been green. I can't wait till Easter either! I have such a pretty dress for Easter and I just can't wait to wear it again.

Flower halo, blue skies. 
I've been wanting to take a spring photoshoot for so long! I really want a flower crown thing but I haven't been able to find one =/ plus I don't have any one to take the pictures. 

 The Precious Little Things in Life: In The Spotlight: Lemonade stand 
Yummy lemonade

Tu sei il mio sole (Ricky ~n~ Michelle)  You are my sunshine 

 I cannot express how much I love this. 
Such a pretty dress!

^ I'm so in love with these shoes^

Hope you all enjoyed the pictures! Have a beautiful spring =)

Keep shining bright

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  1. Spring!! Aaahh :) This year, spring time is perfect ♥ Love those shoes!

  2. Brittney,
    Can you do a post on your favorite books? And Make it long! I really need some good books to read!
    Thanks you if you consider the idea!
    Liliya Joy

    1. Sure :) Hopefully I'll do that sometime this week!


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