Monday, March 3, 2014

Writing update

So I just thought I'd share an update with you all about my writing.
Unfortunately I haven't got much done lately with the extreme business with the move but finally things are starting to slowly get back to normal =) I'm going to talk a little about the book I've been writing called Once upon a secret. Well I've been thinking about it and I've come upon the conclusion that I'm really not satisfied with the name. At first I thought it sounded really cool but know I kind of think it's a bit I'm going to share some new names I thought up and I'd also REALLY APPRECIATE it if you all commented with any suggestions you might have.

My new ideas

Silent Shadows

Behind the Walls  

 Untold Secrets

Hidden away

and at the moment Untold is probably my favorite one. So for those of you who haven't heard what my book is about I'll just post a short summary:
Tess has always been a curious person always searching for adventure...and often jumping to conclusions. But when she gets the feeling that her parents are hiding something from her she starts to investigate...but what she finds out shatters her. Has her parents been lying to her about her past all these years? And now that their secrets out Tess is in a lot more danger than she realized. Her life, her friends, and the whole kingdom depend on just one story-that's never been told. And if it is told...then life as she knows it will be gone forever.

So anyway I've been working on this book for over a year and have had very little progress. My biggest dream would to be able to get this book published someday. But anyway I've also started on a new story idea (terrible I know...I shouldn't start something if I haven't finished another) but i'm pretty excited about this book idea! I plan on writing more of it after I'm finished with my current story. But I'll just give a brief summary about it also.
Book title: The Pegasus
About: Kendra's sister was kidnapped by pirates when she was only a young girl. One unsettling thought has always haunted her mind and nightmares- What if she's still alive? When she finally finds a way to sneak aboard a pirate ship-with the young sailor Garrett- they journey across the dangerous seven seas with hopes to find the ship that took her sister away- The Pegasus

For some odd reason I've always wanted to write a book about pirates,etc. so now i think I finally have a storyline to do one =) the only thing I'm worried about is that this book will probably need a lot of research (about ships,sailing,etc.) But I still plan on doing it!

Well that's all for now guys! Hope you all have a GREAT week =)

Keep shining bright

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  1. I really like Untold. It sounds like a very interesting story and one that if I picked it up somewhere I would want to read.

    1. Thanks Mary =D I appreciate your feedback!

  2. I also agree that "Untold" is a really great name! Sometimes really short titles are the most interesting. And this one sounds mysterious... Best of luck writting,
    A fellow writer.

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