Monday, April 28, 2014

Don't Rust Out

 This weekend me and my family went to Cincinnati for a Homeschool Convention and we were staying in this hotel up there that had a swimming pool. Since we hadn't gone swimming in forever me and my brother decided we'd go down to the pool...but anyway to get straight to the point I was just relaxing out in the pool and floating when I looked up and saw these old fire extinguisher sprayers (the pool was indoors) and they were all rusted up from un-use, old age, etc. and the thought just came to me- I hope that I'm not like that. I hope I'm not all rusty as a Christian. I hope I'm active for Christ and that I'm not full of rust -sin and such-in my life. And that's what inspired this post...
I've come up with three points on how we can prevent "rusting" in our Christian life. I hope this will be a help and blessing to you all.

1) Stay active in your spiritual walk with Christ
Rust develops when water and other things get onto a metal surface. And this usually happens when things sit for a long period of time with lack of care. This can happen in the Christian life in a way. We often loose excitement in serving Christ and then we slack on time spent in his word and in prayer. Don't do this! The number one thing that will bring us down in the Christian life is not keeping consistent in our walk with God! We must spend time with him daily or we'll see the consequences- our lives will start to rust. 
2) Stay Clean/Avoid the sin of this world
Rust is dirty, hard and not pleasant to the eye. It shows lack of care. We all care about our lives I'm sure but we so often unknowingly set them down the wrong road. We must stay away from bad influences in our lives. We must be set apart from this world. Psalm 51:10 - Create in me a clean heart, O God; and renew a right spirit within me.
We must have a clean heart. We must thing on things of the Lord. Phil 4:8 - Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.
If we keep our hearts and minds clean our lives will be clean too.
3) Keep focused 
Keep focused on what really matters in life. So often we get so sidetracked by things in our life (Ex. School, sports, friends, technology) We loose sight of what is really going to mean something in the end. We must keep our eyes focused on God and things of Him. If we do our lives won't "rust" or fall apart. They'll be clean and pure. I want to live my life as clean as possible but I know I can not do that in my own power. If I do I'll fail daily. We must put our faith in God because through Him and only Him will we win victory over sin in our lives.

God doesn't give us what we can handle. He helps us handle what we have been given.
We won't be able to overcome our lives "rusting out" on our own but if we ask God and diligently follow him he will protect and guide us! We just got to give him our heart.

2Tim 2:22 -  Flee also youthful lusts: but follow righteousness, faith, charity, peace, with them that call on the Lord out of a pure heart.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Tag! You're it...

 Ok so I was awarded by the wonderful Michaela @ her marvelous blog Stepping towards the Son 

I was awarded the liebster award....this is prob like the tenth time i've gotten tagged this award! It just seems to keep on going around the blogging community... 

~Thank and link back the person who nominated you 
~List eleven facts about yourself 
~Answer the eleven questions asked by the blogger who nominated you 
~Nominate 9 bloggers who have fewer than 200 followers (you can't nominate the blogger who nominated you)
~Ask them eleven questions
~Let them know of their nomination 


11 Facts about me:

1) I've been blogging for over two years now
2) I have a obsession with Frozen
3) I am SO not a morning person
4) I cried my eyes out when I watched the book thief
5) I hate snakes
6) I love soft blankets
7) My favorite book of the Bible is James
8) I love to accessorize 
9) I do not like coming up with random facts. lol; it takes more thought then it seems
10) I hate to vacuum. It's my least favorite chore
11) I love book stores

So ^that was probably the most random group of facts I've ever done...


Michaela's questions:

1) Who is your favorite Disney princess?

2) What's your favorite season?
This is actually a really tough question....i love so many things about each one

3) If you could go anywhere in the world right now where would you go?
Australia or Thailand

 4) If you could have tea with any book character, who would it be?
Jessilyn Lassiter from Fireflies in December

5) List your five favorite foods
Nutella, Pasta, garlic Steak, Ice-cream, and White-cheddar popcorn :)

6) What is your favorite class in school?

7) Vanilla or chocolate?
For ice-cream-Vanilla. For anything else-Chocolate

8) Coffee or tea?
I hate both. (Please no-one kill

9) Pearls or diamonds?
Diamonds =)

 10) If you could be the heroine in any movie what movie would you choose?
I'd love to be a heroine on the TV series Merlin :) Love that series and I just love anything in the medieval era!
I am obsessed with Merlin! Call me weird but this show has more plot, character and life lessons than very many things out there. After series 5, I shall cry.
11) What is your favorite song?
Oh goodness! I have so favorites are Blessed be the name of the Lord, Even in the Valley, and Reach the world. 

Here are my questions for my nominees:

1) Favorite superhero?
 Captain America.
 We all know who my favorite is. lol. xD

2) If you could change your hair and eye color what would you change it to?
3) What's your favorite flower?
4) Favorite drink?
5) Anna or Elsa? (from Frozen)
6)  Sweatshirts or tank tops?
7) Flip-flops or boots?
8) what's your Favorite childhood memory?
 childhood splendor
9) Favorite book of the Bible
10) Favorite quote
11) Favorite Pinterest board of mine 

And I award:

And whoever else wants to use this tag on their blog :)

Keep shining bright

Monday, April 21, 2014

Celebrating Sping

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter! I had a great one :) 

So I thought I'd do another fashion post with me in my Easter dress (I'm not really sure if you all like these kinds of posts or not but...)

My bro took all these pics for me again...he is really such a blessing sometimes! lol



Lol; so frightening photo I know! haha. but I just couldn't resist taking this photo when I saw a shovel leaning against the fence...

I look really creepy in this pic....but oh well...



shrug- J.C.Penny I think

Dress- yard sale :) 


And here is a picture of me, my bro, and my mom :)




Hope you had a Great Easter! I'm so glad I serve a risen Savior :) So glad spring is finally here!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

This and That


So this is just going to be a totally random post....but oh well. lol. I had this great post planned out and I had it all written out and I clicked publish and blogger did some crazy thing and long story short my whole post somehow got deleted and didn't yeah. That was aggravating. And I didn't feel like rewriting the whole thing so I guess you all are stuck with a random post today!

So the other day me and my brother went to Hobby Lobby with my mom! And I do LOVE Hobby Lobby but she was in there for an extremely long time so me and my brother decided to pass the time by taking retarded pictures....yes, i know. You are probably thinking I'm the most immature teenager in the universe...and I'm honestly not going to argue with that! lol.

This pic just pretty much describes us perfectly.

lol; giant flowers...

He probably gets his extreme weirdness from me....



So how is your all's week going? I am just so excited about school being almost done! Looking forward to summer so much this year.

 Please comment!!!!!
^So I'm curious to know what you all think...I personally think that I'm just like Anne from Anne of green gables. Like no kidding. I'm like her in so many ways it's crazy. I have an over-active imagination, I'm always daydreaming and sometimes am just a bit dramatic.
Anne and Gil :)
And I'm as stubborn as a mule sometimes! lol. I also have to deal with crazy hair as she does but mine isn't red...but I've had people tease me about it my whole life too. We both share the dream of becoming a published author and we'd both except any dare I think. haha. That scene when she fell off the roof just reminded me so much of something I'd do. And then when she fell in the mud chasing the cow with Diana.
SO ME. haha. But anyway who do I remind you of? And if you were a fictional character which one do you think you'd be?
And this is also so random but can I say that bananas and nutella is like the best! Haha. Nutella is just sooo good. Like on anything really. but yeah. Just thought I'd through that in. Do any of you all like nutella?

Well anyway I know this was completely random and talking about like tons of different things but I just thought I'd share what was on my mind. Have a great week guys!

Keep shining bright

Monday, April 14, 2014

They Matter

Something to keep in mind.  We naturally fall into just seeing faces, not truly caring about the person....but every one of those people matters tremendously to Jesus!  

We see people everyday. To us they are just normal people going on with their day just like everyone else. When we go shopping we see people and we often don't even acknowledge their existence. We don't really care about them because we don't know them. They're just everyday people going on with their life. And we just go on with ours. But everyone in this whole universe matters to God. Everyone is special to him. He watches them through their life. And he cares. 

Everyone we see is fighting some kind of war in their life. We're all going through something in our lives. But some of us have a captain to get us through the battles of life (God) while others have none to protect them from the darts of this world and the devil.

You see everyone matters.

The orphan in Africa.
The homeless man on the side of the street.
The poor widow.
The wounded soldier.
The handicapped elderly women.

They matter. Maybe they don't matter to the normal person who walks by and sees them but they matter to God.

And they should matter to us too.


Compassion-love-can go a long way. I know first-hand that it does! Just recently I was just grocery shopping with my mom and a sweet little old lady came up to me and told me she loved my smile and that I should never stop smiling. That just made my day! That little old lady might not have realized what she said but it meant so much to me. We must realize that there are so many people around us who need out encouragement. At my church we have a bus ministry and it just breaks my heart to see all of the little kids who come from such difficult homes...but we can help them! We must tell them that Jesus loves them...and we must love them like Jesus loves us.

Be compassionate. Always be looking for someone who needs encouragement. 

Our number one goal in life should be to lift up others and lead them to Jesus. 

People are always watching you. Your friends, your neighbors, your family...and even your enemies.
I've heard so many stories about people who got saved because they had wronged someone but the person wronged was a Christian and instead of repaying a wrong for a wrong responded in kindness. Be a good testimony for Christ!
You can tell a better testimony with the way you live than with what you say. 

Try to make someone feel like they matter today. Jesus loves the whole world. And as Christians we must follow his great example. You can never love someone too much. Next time you see someone who looks down and out try to comfort them!

 Mathew 14:14-  And Jesus went forth, and saw a great multitude, and was moved with compassion toward them, and he healed their sick. 

 1Thes 5:11 - Wherefore comfort yourselves together, and edify one another, even as also ye do.

Keep shining bright

Friday, April 4, 2014

Randomness and the Button-up challenge

my childhood 

I love Disney. Especially their animated movies (Frozen is my fav) and I know I'm fifeteen but I just get that magical feel like when I was a kid when the movie starts with Cinderella's  castle up front and pixie dust creating a rainbow like circle around it :) I hope some day I can write stories that just have that magical touch. That make people laugh,cry and just relax. Every story has a meaning and there is something meaningful about every story! I watched Saving Mr.Banks a while ago about the author of Mary Poppins! It wasn't one of my favorite movies but it was quite neat to see how that great story came about. I also just saw a movie called "Mrs. Potter" and it was about the life of Beatrix Potter-author of the English children's books "Peter Rabbit" and many others. I really loved this one! It was a super good movie besides it was very sad and made me tear up a bit...
  But as a Christian I have the greatest story to tell! A story of unconditional love- the story of Jesus Christ! And that is the best story of all.
We all have a story to tell! What story are you telling the world?


Ok so that was random but it was something that was on my mind and thought I'd share! So now here is my second outfit for the: 1 Button-up|3 days|3ways 

this is my second one!



So like please forgive my bare-feet! I just kind of threw this outfit together and I didn't really take the time to were shoes...oh well. lol

This is me at the piano! Please forgive the poor quality of this photo.

Can I just say that I'm so excited about spring finally being here! I mean just look at that grass-it's GREEN =D lol; really lovin' the weather.


and this is just me being crazy :) How do u all like the outfit?

button down- yard sale :)
Vest-Kohls (Clearance rack =)
Skirt- ??? no idea

Keep shining bright

Thursday, April 3, 2014

3 ways/3 days

So I'm doing something I've never done...a fashion linkup! I'm linking up for the 

1 button-down | 3 days | 3 ways

 1 Button Down | 3 Days| 3 Ways 

Here is the link to the blog I follow : Fresh Modesty 

My outfit 


^ Forgive my terrible hair! I didn't really fix but anyway this challenge is that you have to wear a button-down (I call it a button-up lol) for three days and each way you wear it different. So today I just wore it with a jean skirt, and converse shoes :)


I just love this little shed we have in our back yard! It looks like a little barn :) Lovin our backyard here in KY.

So like I know these photos aren't great but my brother did them and to be honest I think he did a pretty good job (he's only ten.) I barely ever do fashion posts usually because I've never had anyone to take good pictures plus I don't have a good camera to use but we took these on my ipod and they didn't turn out too bad.


And this last one is definitly my favorite! You can't read the whole side of the shed but it says "Spread your wings and fly" Thought who ever did the paint job on the side is awesome :) I thought it was so cute when we moved here! There's also a butterfly painted on the side but you can't see that either.

Well anyway hope you enjoyed this. I'll be posting another one tomorrow probably...

Keep shining bright

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

All-time favorite books

So somebody commented on my blog a few days ago requesting that I do a blog post with a list of some of my favorite books! And I just have SO many. I'm going to take some time to write out my favorite books and book series(they won't be in order) and why I liked them so much :)

 Adventure is a page away


Milly Keith by Martha Finley
 This is one of my favorite childhood books-and I still love them so much! They're part of the life of faith collection. This series is historical fiction and it is also Christian. These books have so many values it's amazing. Love these books with all my heart.

The girls of Lighthouse lane by Thomas Kinkade
These books are so good! They are also historical fiction. It's a four book series-each one about a different girl living in the small town of Cape Light on Lighthouse lane.

Fireflies in December by


Well there you have it folks! A list of the most amazing things on earth. Books are such a gift from God. Some of these books have literally been my friends. I've laughed with them, cried with them, and gone on amazing adventures ;)

Keep shining bright