Friday, April 4, 2014

Randomness and the Button-up challenge

my childhood 

I love Disney. Especially their animated movies (Frozen is my fav) and I know I'm fifeteen but I just get that magical feel like when I was a kid when the movie starts with Cinderella's  castle up front and pixie dust creating a rainbow like circle around it :) I hope some day I can write stories that just have that magical touch. That make people laugh,cry and just relax. Every story has a meaning and there is something meaningful about every story! I watched Saving Mr.Banks a while ago about the author of Mary Poppins! It wasn't one of my favorite movies but it was quite neat to see how that great story came about. I also just saw a movie called "Mrs. Potter" and it was about the life of Beatrix Potter-author of the English children's books "Peter Rabbit" and many others. I really loved this one! It was a super good movie besides it was very sad and made me tear up a bit...
  But as a Christian I have the greatest story to tell! A story of unconditional love- the story of Jesus Christ! And that is the best story of all.
We all have a story to tell! What story are you telling the world?


Ok so that was random but it was something that was on my mind and thought I'd share! So now here is my second outfit for the: 1 Button-up|3 days|3ways 

this is my second one!



So like please forgive my bare-feet! I just kind of threw this outfit together and I didn't really take the time to were shoes...oh well. lol

This is me at the piano! Please forgive the poor quality of this photo.

Can I just say that I'm so excited about spring finally being here! I mean just look at that grass-it's GREEN =D lol; really lovin' the weather.


and this is just me being crazy :) How do u all like the outfit?

button down- yard sale :)
Vest-Kohls (Clearance rack =)
Skirt- ??? no idea

Keep shining bright

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  1. Ooh! I love your vest!! I hadn't even thought of wearing a vest with my button down. And Spring is the best reason and season to go shoeless!! Very pretty again today :)

    - Jill

  2. I'm the same age that you are and still get all giggly and happy while watching Disney movies. :) Frozen, Tangled, and Beauty and the Beast are my top 3 favorite princess movies.
    Oh I've watched Miss Potter too-I love that movie!! Isn't it so sweet? I love the music too-especially the dancing song. :) Cute outfit! I love that skirt!

  3. Love you're outfit! Hey whoever said you can only be a little girl when you watch Disney movies :P We just watched Mulan the other night with my older sister and she's 24! :D Yep just watched "Saving Mr.Banks" LOVED IT! And yeah Ms. Potter is a family favorite around here :)

  4. I LOVE Frozen! Great post :)

  5. I apologize for the extremely late comment, but I've been catching up on blog posts and couldn't help myself... you love the weather in KY!? Hahahaha I would think anyone who hadn't grown up here and eventually grown to love (tolerate) it wouldn't be able to stand it! KY weather is bipolar, haha.



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