Thursday, April 17, 2014

This and That


So this is just going to be a totally random post....but oh well. lol. I had this great post planned out and I had it all written out and I clicked publish and blogger did some crazy thing and long story short my whole post somehow got deleted and didn't yeah. That was aggravating. And I didn't feel like rewriting the whole thing so I guess you all are stuck with a random post today!

So the other day me and my brother went to Hobby Lobby with my mom! And I do LOVE Hobby Lobby but she was in there for an extremely long time so me and my brother decided to pass the time by taking retarded pictures....yes, i know. You are probably thinking I'm the most immature teenager in the universe...and I'm honestly not going to argue with that! lol.

This pic just pretty much describes us perfectly.

lol; giant flowers...

He probably gets his extreme weirdness from me....



So how is your all's week going? I am just so excited about school being almost done! Looking forward to summer so much this year.

 Please comment!!!!!
^So I'm curious to know what you all think...I personally think that I'm just like Anne from Anne of green gables. Like no kidding. I'm like her in so many ways it's crazy. I have an over-active imagination, I'm always daydreaming and sometimes am just a bit dramatic.
Anne and Gil :)
And I'm as stubborn as a mule sometimes! lol. I also have to deal with crazy hair as she does but mine isn't red...but I've had people tease me about it my whole life too. We both share the dream of becoming a published author and we'd both except any dare I think. haha. That scene when she fell off the roof just reminded me so much of something I'd do. And then when she fell in the mud chasing the cow with Diana.
SO ME. haha. But anyway who do I remind you of? And if you were a fictional character which one do you think you'd be?
And this is also so random but can I say that bananas and nutella is like the best! Haha. Nutella is just sooo good. Like on anything really. but yeah. Just thought I'd through that in. Do any of you all like nutella?

Well anyway I know this was completely random and talking about like tons of different things but I just thought I'd share what was on my mind. Have a great week guys!

Keep shining bright

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  1. Nutella is awesome. I just had some on a English muffin today for breakfast. Delish. :) (Oh my goodness, spellcheck didn't know what Nutella is!)

    And you do remind me of Anne. ;) I think I would probably be... dear I have no clue. :( That is something I will have to ask over at my blog sometime. :)

    P.S. You are no less mature than me. ;) haha

    1. LOL; that's so awesome cuz I had an english muffin with Nutella and PB on it for breakfast too =D Great minds think alike! haha.


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