Thursday, June 5, 2014

Writing challenge

So I'm doing something new on here guys :) I'm going to start linking up to Tessa Hall's writing challenge (link to the challenge is on the image below)! So here we go.... 

This week's challenge:
Write a passage incorporating this phrase: They told me not to come, which gave me all the more reason to go.


They told me not to come, which gave me all the more reason to go. They're my friends. I'd never let them leave without a goodbye.
I stood at the train depot. The train's loud whistle filling my ears, and the smoke from the engine burning my eyes. My eyes roamed frantically for my friends. I saw tons of strangers roaming around but I didn't see them in the crowd. My heart began to pound in my chest fearing that I had missed them-my only chance to say goodbye. My feet swiftly began to carry me towards the train. And then through the smoke and crowds of people I saw them. The very sight of them brought relief to my heart. Daniel was standing by the train, his eyes scanning the crowd. I hoped he was looking for me but I wouldn't ever now. Beside him was Dianna. They were my closest friends.
 They were my everything. 
"Daniel! Dianna!" I screamed. Running towards the train. They saw me and smiled. 
Dianna embraced me tightly. I looked into her beautiful, dark eyes.
"It's not fair." I whimpered looking down at the star she had on her coat...the sign of the Jews. 
"War is never fair." Daniel said softly.
"Hitler can not send you away." I cried out, "you deserve so much more."
The train whistle blew, it's sound piercing not only my ears but my heart.
"We must go." Daniel shouted over the sound of the whistle. "Never forget us." He said clasping his hand on mine.
"Never." I said tears in my eyes, "I'll never forget you. Never."

 Number of words: 269

Hope you liked it guys :) In case you all didn't all ready catch it it's about WW11 and the Jews that were taken captive by Hitler and the Nazis. I've always had a huge interest in the history of the Holocaust and concentration camps and it saddens me so deeply of the great evil Hitler and the Nazis did. I just watched the movie "hidden in silence" yesterday and it just breaks my heart knowing that the Jews suffered so severely. But anyway just thought I'd share that. Hope you all are having a great week! I just got back from vacation and hopefully will be posting some pictures from it soon.

Keep shining bright

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  1. This is beautiful, Britt! =) So glad you'll be joining us! =D

    TW Wright

  2. Oh my word! This is so cool! I'm totally going to do this!

  3. I love your writing style. I forgot to tell you right away I nominated you for a Liebster Award.

  4. You have a gift for writing, my friend! Love it!


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