Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Things that could have been

This is a guest post I did for Khloe's blog: All things good. 
 and just for you all know this was a scheduled the moment I'm at summer camp. So just keep me in your prayers! Hope you enjoy my post...


Life flies by. Moments are spent and gone. And you look back and wish you had them back. 

Sometimes I look at my past and look at opportunities I missed. This year my dad's taking a missions trip to Brazil and I really wanted to go but I was not able to earn the was a disappointment. I think of all the wonderful things that could have happened...We all have disappointments in life. We always miss out on some awesome thing we were looking forward too. Maybe you look at other people and wish that you could do what they did-have what they have. But my dear friends-We can not change the past and we can not predict the future.

"Do not ponder on things that could have been but live in today. Live now. Live for a better future" 

Don't live in the past. Don't constantly think about all the things you've missed out on in life. Just enjoy now. And strive to make a better tomorrow. Too many people live their lives living in the past that they don't see the opportunities that tomorrow might bring.
Be optimistic. Look for joy in life. Don't wish and dream. But do. Make those things you've always dreamed of reality.

We can't change our past but we can surely do something about our future. 

God's got a plan for each of us. But we must look to him and not our past. We got to keep our eyes focused on today. 

"There are only two days in the year that nothing can be done. One is called yesterday and the other is tomorrow, so today is the right day to love, believe, do and mostly live."

Need to remember this

Keep shining bright

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  1. Great post Brittney!! Definitely some things to think about. Hope you had a great time at summer camp!

    1. Thanks you so much Kelsi :) And I had a WONDERFUL time at camp!!


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