Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Rewinding and Reviewing

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So I don't even know if any of you have even noticed that I've been...well gone. I've been seriously lacking in posting lately, but even when I do I feel like I have less active readers than before =/ But that's ok! Because I don't write for my audience...I write because that's what I love to do. I just haven't had a lot of time for it lately. Summer has been beyond busy. I know some people say they don't have a lot to do in the summer but it's the busiest time of the year for me! But anyway I thought I'd just give a short review of what's been going on with me lately :)

My Summer so far has consisted of:

1) CAMP! it was wonderful to say the least. I had an amazing time with my youth group, I got to meet new friends, and most importantly I heard amazing preaching and God really worked on my heart :) It was an awesome experience *Pictures coming soon*

2) I've lost 17 pounds. YES! I can not even begin to express how excited I am about this...after years of trying to loose weight I finally did it this summer =D I have a long way to go still but at least I'm doing it!

3) Seeing old friends! I finally was able to see my pen pal Hope! I haven't seen her for seriously over five years and I was finally able to see her again Monday at the creation museum :) It was so awesome. 


4) Being involved with my church. Can I just say that I LOVE my church family SO much. We have such a great time together. And I'm so glad to be apart of a church that's so active doing things for the Lord. VBS is coming up and I am so SUPER-DUPER excited.

Ok; so that's a tiny update considering how much stuff I've been doing lately. But anyway hope you all enjoyed the post and are having a great day! Thanks for reading.

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  1. Awesome! Sounds like you've been having a great summer :)

  2. you've lost 17 pounds?! *CLAPP* i'm really impressed (: i was planning to excercise this summer..but um. havn't gotten to it yet *sigh*
    looks like you've been having a smashing summer!
    x. pris
    rainbows and dreams

    1. Thank you! I'm so totally excited about it xD hopefully I'll keep at it! It's all about dedication....

  3. Aawww! Congrats on losing that weight, I know you're gonna succeed. :) I really need to lose weight.
    I'm looking forward to you being active again, I missed you!

    1. Thank you! And girl your gorgeous :) You don't need to loose any weight

  4. Wow! 17 pounds?! Great job!
    If it were me, I'd hav given up long long ago... :P keep up the good work and believe in yourself.

    Have a smashing rest of the summer! <3


  5. Congrats on losing the weight! I have a lot of respect for people who keep it up to finish their goal since I know how hard it can be!

    That is soooo cool that you got to meet your penpal again! It must have been amazing!


    1. Thank you Brooke! And yes it was SO amazing seeing her again :)

  6. Sounds like you've had a great summer!! I didn't get to go to camp this year, unfortunately, because I am working now. Can't wait for pictures! =)

    Also, I awarded you at my blog:



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