Friday, May 20, 2016

What's in your book?


As a writer and a book lover I have always had a love for stories. I just love words! My love for writing, words, and creativity have led me to look at life in a more personal way. I like to look at my life as if it’s my story to the world - my book.  Stories that have not yet been unfolded. No one knows what the ending holds or what the next chapter will bring forth. This also led me to another thought. I started to think about people as pens. The ink that makes our stories flow out on the page.  We all have a message to bear- we all have the power to write out our life stories. BUT the most important aspect of any book, of any story, is not the paper...or the pen. But who holds the pen. The one who writes the story. Who is writing your life story today? Who is holding the pen?

In my life right now  I feel like I am embarking on a new chapter of my life. I’ve  graduating this year and soon I’ll be off to college. It’s scary. It frightens me and I often worry what the future holds...what will happen in this next chapter in my life? What joys will I experience and what sorrows will I endure? But when I do this. When I worry and fret what the next chapter holds I get in the way of the One who is supposed to be writing my story for me. So often we try to control the pen. We try to direct our own lives. But may I just say that the moment we try to take control- the moment that we try to write our own lives out is the moment we destroy them. Our life - our future- all depends on who is directing it. What is your life writing out today? Each one of our lives affects someone else's. We are all sharing a message to the world. What message are you carrying? What story are you telling? There is a song that I have on my phone that I love the words to it. It goes, “If my life's an open book, for everyone to read,each page another day, to show along the way,all You've done for me;Fill each chapter with Your love,and guide me from up above;If my life's an open book, Lord when they take a look,I hope it's you they see.”
We need to be faithfully penning out God’s love to those around us. We need to give God control of our lives- to let Him write out our life stories. We need to be willing to be a tool in the hands of the Master. God is far more equipped to write out our lives than we are. We need to learn to put our unknown future in the hands of an all-knowing God. He is far more capable to make our life turn out to be a beautiful story than we are. In our own hands it would be a tragic disaster. What’s in your book? How is your life story going? If it’s a tragic disaster it’s probably because you’re trying to be the writer….you’re trying to lead the pen. We must learn that we are just the pen. God can’t write our story without us...but we can’t write it without Him. Our future needs to lie in His hands. Have you given Him control? Is He the one writing your book?

My deepest desire is to be just a pen writing out my unknown future in the hands of an all knowing God

Psalm 100:3 - Know ye that the Lord he is God: it is he that hath made us, and not we ourselves; we are his people, and the sheep of his pasture.

~ Brittney Johnson
Keep Shining Bright 

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