My books in progress

Book Tittle:Untold

About: When suspicious things begin to happen at Tess's house she begins to suspect that her parent's are hiding something from her. But what could they be hiding? As Tess searches for answers she discovers a long lost secret that may be connected to her sister Alana's death five years before. Join Tess as she battles with the struggles of growing up, revels secrets untold, and faces danger at every corner!

Genre: Fantasy, Mystery, Action & Adventure, YA 

Released: I have been working on this book since 2/18/13 and hope to finish it before 10/05/14 . And I hope against hope that I can get it published!

Book title: The Pegasus

About: Kendra's sister was kidnapped by pirates when she was only a young girl. One unsettling thought has always haunted her mind and nightmares- What if she's still alive? When she finally finds a way to sneak aboard a pirate ship-with the young sailor Garett- they journey across the dangerous seven seas with hopes to find the ship that took her sister away- The Pegasus

Genre: YA fiction, Action&adventure, suspense, and Christian Fiction

Books finished but not published

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Books I plan on writing some day


Tittle: Rain
About; A story set in the far future about a young girl named Rain who is trapped in a compound with 4,000 other kids. Once a year the officials of the city realise all kids over the age of 17 into the world unknown beyond the walls of the compound. What lies behind the walls no one knows. and when you leave you can never return. Does the outside world lead to danger or freedom?

Genre: Dystopia, YA, & action & adventure

 Tittle: Island of Terror series
About: 6 teens are trapped on an abandoned Island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Dangers meet them at every corner; and it will take skill, wit, & faith for them to survive. 
( I plan to have four books in this series =)

Genre: Action & Adventure, YA, christian

Tittle: The Disneys
About: A family who works at Disney World as a cover up but they are really undercover spies working to protect V.I.P. tourists at the famous Disney World. But when the ambassador from Syria is killed on Space Mountain roller-coaster things become chaotic! Will the Davidson's be able to solve the mystery and save Disney World from closing down?

Genre: MS, mystery



  1. How do you design the covers? They look really good.

    I'm a writer too. I am writing one about World War III.


  2. Oh thanks =D I make them myself on a designing website called PicMonkey! Oh an that's cool about u writing a book =) do u have a blog!

  3. Unfortunately no. Sorry!


  4. i fur looking for another critique group i know of one, but u wouldn't be allowed to about your fantasy book(s), sorry. |:)

    1. I'm sorry I didn't quite understand that! Could u plz write that again!?!

    2. SORRY!

      If your are looking for another critique group, i know of one. But it is only for non fantasy books because the administrator is not allowed to read/write that. :( sorry, the last comment was a bit hurried, equally something awful :p

  5. Great Job! These books r awesome!
    Lydia from

  6. Wow! You have a lot of great ideas! :)

  7. SO FUN!!!! I love your book covers:)

    see me @ Curious Ramblings

  8. That's awesome! You're blog is very inspiring! Love it!


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